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  • Published February 12, 2010
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You may experience confusion in choosing between fixed interest mortgage rate and variable systems. This article below can help you in giving an idea to make into your decision.

If your mortgage fixed rate, repayments will be more expensive but your budget will be safe and fixed, regardless of what is happening to interest rates in general. For instance, if you take a loan to say with 5% interest fixed for 5 years "and even if mortgage rates to fall to 1% or 20%, you will still be charged 5% for next 5 years. This sort of" betting " you enter into. If mortgage rates rise to 20%, you win, because you still have to pay 5%. If they are down to 1%, then you lose because you are still paying them 5%.

When you are paying the fixed rate, you will not pay your mortgage off early, you will not get a discount because interest rates have declined, you will still be in "fixed" interest.

Depending on how much debt you are, how much the interest rate you pay at this time, the length you have left to run until the end of 5 years and the number you will be charged a penalty for ending your agreement. You are able to change your mortgage to a variable one, especially if you prefer a new security, lower, fixed rate mortgage. Only in this way, by using the extra money would you have paid, you may be able to pay off your mortgage earlier.

Noteworthy is by considering your budget and ask yourself whether you are able to really afford to risk attending a variable rate (i.e., if interest rates go up, you can pay the mortgage, or will you fight).

With prices at all-time low point would be a shame to not lock it in. With all the ups and downs that the market will experience during the next 30 years mortgage you know you may not pay a big difference but with a variable rate there will be some months you may have extra finances and others where you are struggling just to make a payment.

If you cannot take that risk, there has no harm in wanting stability by choosing the fixed interest mortgage rate.

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