Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan – Relief for homeowners

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  • Author Alicia Pinder
  • Published February 16, 2010
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The value of houses has dropped considerably, and people are finding it difficult to refinance mortgage loans at lower rates. Many employees have lost their jobs, or have been demoted with lower salaries. So, people are weighed down with their current mortgage payments, and facing probable foreclosure.

Maximum homeowners are taking advantage of the new government’s plan in improving the mortgage related credit facilities and make it easy for the homeowners to pay their dues, as well as make sure the creditors do not suffer a major loss. The home mortgage sector is probable to improve because of this stimulus plan. Obama’s mortgage refinance loans plan also known as Obama’s mortgage stimulus refinance plan is primarily designed to help homeowners find ways to save their homes. There are many possible ways for struggling homeowners to avoid foreclosure and retain the ownership of their property.

President Obama has dawned as a ray of hope for the devastated homeowners. In the wake of the economic slowdown, the President has worked out the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. This loan modification proposal is a well-planned strategy, targeted at getting the lives of property holders back to normalcy. It will facilitate families facing foreclosure to get their mortgage refinanced. The best thing about the whole development is the fact that it will enable individuals to get out of debt and take control of their mortgage enough to keep their homes. The plan focuses on dealing with banks and lenders directly to swing over the financial world back to normalcy. In the process, responsible citizens on the verge of defaulting can make an effort to keep up to their commitments. The major benefits of the plan include the following points.

• Home mortgage refinance has become affordable. The falling prices of houses had made mortgage refinance very expensive. With this plan, many homeowners will be able to refinance mortgage to suit the monthly budget. Mortgage rates have come down to an all-time low. So, the outstanding loan amount can be reimbursed at affordable prices.

• With lower interest rates, the total debt amount has been substantially reduced. Hence, individuals can repay the loan over a period of ten to thirty years with smaller monthly installments. People had a hard time coping with the economic downfall. Their savings were depleted, and retirement plans chopped down. Loan modification will assist them replenishing their financial resources.

• Home mortgage refinance will provide them stability, financial security and protection, from foreclosure. Communities will be able to flourish.

• Special incentives are offered to early birds. On a first come, first serve basis, lenders will provide special discounted rates to borrowers. In addition, homeowners who make timely monthly payments will be awarded with reduction in their principal amount. This will hugely assist them to get rid of the debt faster.

• The mortgage refinance scheme will allow people with mortgage payments taking up more than 45% of their monthly income, to bring it down to 31% or below.

It is important that one support this plan with persistence to ensure it is executed smoothly. The power of the president and the generous government is at the disposal of the citizens. Many people can really gain from the measures that Obama has put forth for mortgage relief. The opportunity for individuals to refinance mortgage loans will open new avenues of financial stability.

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