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  • Author Katie Marcus
  • Published March 9, 2010
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Does your poster printing suck? Are those promotions not getting the excited crowd of customers you expected?

Well, if your basic printing techniques are not working, it might be time to bring in the big guns. I have here a few tips for you on how to bring your creative guns to bare and make those posters attract the people that you want.

• Full color inks with special elements – One of the first things to bring out are those full color inks with special elements. By special elements, I mean those metallic inks that glitter and shine when hit by light. Types like this are quite beautiful and their impact on people is especially potent. There is nothing like seeing a product in its full color glory with that professional glint and polish. People will definitely respond to these special full color inks. This might get expensive though so be warned.

• High quality paper with resistant super powers – Inks are not the only super power your ads can have. The paper itself can have very unique properties. Ask your poster printer if they have paper stocks that are high quality and is resistant to moisture and dirt. Chances are good that your printing company will have some kind of options just like this. You can use this to make your ad look glossy and posh while at the same time having the ability to shrug off water and dirt.

• Large format poster printing – Another thing you might want to bring to expose for promotions is size. This is definitely one of the best tactics to get people to read your poster message. They are just hard to resist. Whether the message is for specific demographics or the whole general market, everybody will be reading those large posters as long as its in view. Of course, such kind of printing can be expensive, but it will pay for itself in terms of consumer impact.

• Special features – Finally, if those big guns cannot get it right, then you should use special effects. By special effects, I mean posters with very modern features such as holograms, 3D objects or even color changing inks. As long as there are some kind of special effects that are quite a novelty for passers-by, people will read your ads just for its sake. So why not try to add some kind of feature like this? The impact would be well worth it.

Therefore, those are the big guns for poster printing. Try to use these tools when you think normal printing is failing you. Good Luck!

Katie Marcus writes about the poster printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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