First Time Home Buyer Program, $8000 Tax Credit

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  • Published March 20, 2010
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First Time Home Buyer Program, $8000 Tax Credit, Buy Foreclosures Cheap with FHA Mortgage

Tax Credit for First Time Home Buyer and FHA Mortgage to Purchase Bank Foreclosures at Discount Prices. Down Payment Assistance for Home Owners thru Federal Program. Go To

Part 6 (Excerpt)

Foreclosures may be the best purchase option for first time home owners; Interest rates at all time lows

In the last couple of months, 40% of all the total sales in Maricopa County were foreclosures. 40% of the total market was foreclosures and thats not including short sales, and so normally someone is doing a short sale because their bank is not willing to work with them to do the loan modification. So we could be taking 50% maybe 60% of the supply off the market and as soon as we do that we are going to start to see the bottom of this market.

So right now again I think it is a fantastic time to get out there, with government intervention, its a great time to get out there and buy a house. Most people who are out there looking at homes today they have already met with a realtor or they have met with their mortgage planner or both and they are ready to get out there and go. One of the things that is still happening out there is it is still a hot buyers market. The buyer can still go buy a home that fits their needs, their families needs, that they can grow with and the seller in most cases is willing to pretty much do whatever they can as long as they get somewhere close to what they need to yield on the property.

They are willing to pay all of your closing costs in almost every case and if there are some repairs that need to be done then they are willing to do those again in almost every case. It has to be of course within reason and it also has to be repairs that need to be done. For instance, if you want granite countertops because you dont like the Formica, the lender is not going to pay for that. But if there are no countertops then the lender in most cases will do that. It has to be a primary residence. They are not going to do this for investors.

We have had a lot of cases moving past this month. You can get the lowest interest rates weve seen in years and get the seller to pay most of your closing costs, but you do need to get in and get preapproved, not prequalified preapproved, for a loan so you have that check with you when you go out to make an offer. If you are approved we can close that loan in a hurry and you will not have any problems.

One thing especially here in Arizona there are so many people who are upside down in their homes right now. You have the same issues in Florida and California everybody knows the states where they have been really hard hit. It is really difficult for a seller who is $100,000 upside down in their home to put their house on the market and get it sold and be able to give a good deal to a first time home buyer, so thats why I think in this market right now the foreclosures are some of the best deals out there. You have a motivated seller, you have a vacant house and in some cases you even have financing available from the seller of the property. Being a Fannie Mae, FHA or VA who can provide financing, so the foreclosures right now are definitely the hot spot in the market. What we were saying a couple of minutes ago was that theres a potential that coming six months from now these foreclosures could be gone. And that is great for everybody

Yes it is great for everybody and now is the time to get in there and snap them up and I have heard anecdotal stories, just recently my brother picked up a couple of REOs and he is paying somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 for these properties, two of them were tri-plexes. And I know someone just the other day bought a home for $45,000. It was a three year old house, they had to clean the carpet and moved the tenant in the next day and that was actually someone who worked in your office Michael. Pretty easy to cash flow on a $45,000 house. Its really easy to cash flow on a $45,000 house and the rent on that was probably about $1200. So I dont know, what are they making $500, $600, $700 a month?

But what I am saying is thats the kind of prices you can get. Now I am not saying go buy the $45,000 house, because I dont know what the neighborhood was like. He said it was brand new, but maybe you have to buy the $150,000 house. But the biggest thing is make sure you get pre-qualified first. Dont start looking at foreclosure properties or any other property until you go to Velocity Financial and get yourself pre-qualified...

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