New Fannie Mae Streamline Loan Modifications may do more harm than good

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  • Published March 11, 2010
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Part 5 (Excerpt)

New Fannie Mae Streamline Loan Modifications may do more harm than good

We do realize that there are situations that people are in that they want to be out of and we want to move past. We have back in the studio, the author of Real Estates Future also the author of The Foreclosure Sharks white paper, a fantastic manual that he has put together that you can get for free. Dan Havey thank you very much for coming back. You can get a copy of the white paper The Foreclosure Sharks at

So Dan I know that you have brought the just recently released new Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac guidelines, with their streamlined modification process. This is the kind of thing where the consumer can go and do-it themselves, right?

Yes, except that we would certainly advise against that. These are the guidelines that Fannie Mae came out with; they are effective as of a couple weeks ago now. But with Christmas and the holidays I dont think a whole lot of people have figured out what this is all about yet. So as we said in the last segment the guidelines that they have come out with here, and what I have is a print out but I dont know that this is the whole thing because I have heard some commentary on this that actually says that it is much worse then I am about to relay to everyone on the air.

I am just going to pick out a couple points about this and then I will let Michael laugh about them because some of these things are just crazy in the fact that it doesnt really help the home owner and I also dont think it is going to move us past the conditions we have to get people some really good loan modifications, the kind of loan modifications that we are talking about where you actually employ an attorney to help you with your loan modification.

The reality of it is we need to get through this mess we dont need to stave it off, push it out further and in my opinion that is what this does. That is exactly what is going on here, there was an article I was reading by Fitch, which is one of the major bond rating firms and that is exactly what they said. They said that the alt-A arms are all coming back to roost now, I think the default rate was over 14% on all alt-A arms, being at least 90 days past due. And the comment in the article was something like, well we havent really seen a lot of losses from it yet and then it said in a caveat at the end, and we think its because they are not really foreclosing on any of these guys yet, so that is why they havent seen any losses. Well if you keep pushing it off into the future eventually you are going to have to see some of these losses.

We have the same thing here with Fannie Mae, which I think it is just another band-aid; it is not going to really solve the problem. First what they have here, and this one is pretty benign, that once they give you the new mortgage payment you have a three month trial period. If you make the payments during that trial period they let you keep the modification. So that one is not so bad.

The next one says that the qualified borrower cant be in litigation, bankruptcy, or have an existing work out plan, and you have to be at least 3 months behind or in foreclosure in order to be eligible for this streamline.

Ok I get to comment right? SO basically what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just told everyone, according to this that I am reading right here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just told you to be 90 days late on your mortgage. That is exactly right, they said that the only way they were going to be able to help you was to be 90 days late on your mortgage.

So I have been, over the past several months, heck Dan you helped us put together the package, you are the cofounder of the modification hotline and I am on the radio every week when we do a little blip about load mods from time to time, saying dont trust anybody who tells you to be late on your mortgage. First of all no loan professional, no mortgage professional, no loan modification specialist will tell you to be late on your mortgage, however, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just said you need to be at least 90 days late on your mortgage if you want them to help you.

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