What is a Mortgage Broker?

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  • Published March 20, 2010
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All financial services have individuals working within them and the mortgage industry is no different. Whilst there are people working for banks and other lenders who offer advice on mortgages they will always try to sell you the financial products on behalf of their employer. This is useful for anyone who wants more information on a particular financial product offered by a particular lender, but not so good if you want to look at the market as a whole.

If you are looking for a mortgage, either as a first time buyer or if you are looking to remortgage you should enlist the help of a mortgage broker. Having an individual like this assist you when you are looking for the right mortgage can be a massive help. Yet many people, especially first time buyers might not have heard of a mortgage broker, so here is a little more information on them.

A mortgage broker is an expert on mortgages and all the various services relating to obtaining a mortgage, such as home insurance etc. This means that when you speak to a mortgage broker you will be getting the very latest and up to date information about the various mortgages and financial services that are around at any one time. Obviously having someone who can answer all of your questions about mortgages is very useful and it can help anyone to understand more about what they might need.

Brokers who specialise in mortgages are usually independent of any specific financial organisation. In other words they are not paid by one organisation to promote their products. So when you go to a broker for help with obtaining the right mortgage you know you will not be given the hard sell for any particular mortgage. This will come as good news to anyone who is tired of having to speak to someone affiliated with a financial organisation who is really a glorified sales person looking to gain commission on the mortgages they sell. Whilst a mortgage broker will take a fee for helping anyone to secure a mortgage, they search the whole market to find the mortgage that is most suitable. So in other words you will be paying for getting independent and sound advice.

In addition to being able to provide anyone with excellent advice on mortgages a mortgage broker will also scour the mortgages on the market for his or her clients. They will then only present clients with the mortgages that are the most suitable for them and their circumstances. If a mortgage is deemed as suitable the mortgage broker will aid their clients through the application process.

As you can the role of a mortgage broker is one of advisor and researcher into which are the best mortgages for their clients. Once the broker has mortgages in mind this information will passed on to their clients. The clients can the ask questions about the mortgage/s and make their decisions based on the information provided by their broker.

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