Larry Winget Won't Teach This Amazing Debt Pay-off Strategy!

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  • Author Steve Herman
  • Published March 23, 2010
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Larry Winget happens to be one of the most colorful and innovative speakers that I've ever heard. The first thing you notice about him is his brightly colored cowboy shirts, cowboy boots, and dark sunglasses. He has written several good books, along with a great television show called "Big Spender" in which he shows people how they were spending too much money on things that aren't needed in their life. He has a good commonsense approach to how to get out of debt by making simple choices in your life. He addresses some of these basic concepts in his book You're broke because you want to be.

Larry is also very direct when it comes to telling people why they are in the debt situation they are in. He points out that it's because of bad choices people have made in their spending. Right now people are facing tough choices in this economy. Sometimes a direct approach is what is needed in order for people to get out of their situation, that's something that Larry does very well.

Larry addresses debt like most other financial gurus that I have seen and read, which is to make a budget, cut back on spending, and eventually you will become debt-free. There is one great point that he brings out in his book which is if you'd asked the average person how much they're spending on things throughout the month, they do not have an answer for you. He is right on the mark with this, that is why most people are in debt. They don't have a clue as to what they are spending their money on.

There are several ways to improve your current financial situation which Larry Winget teaches, and there are others that people aren't necessarily aware of.

One of the ones that I found out about six years ago was to maximize every dollar that you make to help fight off interest on debt in a very simple and effective manner. In several cases I found where people don't necessarily have to cut back on the money they're spending but simply change the way in which they manage their money.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with making a budget and cutting back on your monthly expenses like Larry Winget and so many other gurus teach, but people do not need to feel that this is the one and only method for rapidly getting out of debt. There are many innovative techniques out there that people just need to be made aware of!

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