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  • Author Stephen Reeves
  • Published March 6, 2010
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When I first became interested in foreclosure investing, I was of the opinion that people who dealt in this sort of investing were greedy opportunists who would prey upon unfortunate homeowner,who were plain and simply down on their luck. Sometimes people, for one reason or another, have trouble in finding the money to make their next house payment. What happens? The vultures sweep in, buy up the properties for crackers, and then turn around and sell these homes or properties for a huge profit.

There are people out there who buy and sell foreclosures and fit that stereotype. They carry out their business without integrity or compassion to the families involved. Believe it or not, there are investors out there however, who do not play this game. They are aware of the predicament that some homeowners find themselves in when they cannot find the money to make the next payment on their home. This situation is usually through no fault of their own. There are sometimes circumstances beyond their control. People lose their jobs or get laid off. People become sick or may have a death in the family. To make matters worse, these same people are then harassed by debt collectors and are then threatened with eviction from the place they have called home for who know for how long.

An investor is someone who wants to make a profit. Foreclosure investors are no different. Successful long-term investors however, seek the least painful and fairest solution for everyone involved. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there and institutions who are looking for ways to improve their local community. Unfortunately, without these type of investors, these homeowners who have found themselves in this most stressful and difficult situation have to either find the money or face eviction.

What sort of foreclosure investor do you want to be? Which side of the fence do you want to operate from? Do you want to be a blood sucking bottom feeder who preys upon unfortunate souls? Would you rather be a fair minded investor who intends to work with the homeowner with a number of options and an offer to purchase the property at a reasonable price and still make a profit?

I know from personal experience that there is nothing more relieving than to have someone else offer you a solution to a stressful situation. In these cases it is always a stressful situation. It is like having the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders when you are offered a fair solution and then have them assist you in taking the necessary steps to put an unfortunate incident behind you.

Along the way, you may find many homeowners who want nothing to do with you. That is understandable. Being ethical does not always pay the bills. You may miss out on opportunities to make some quick money and sometimes be beaten to the punch by less ethical operators. Personally, I like to wake up in the morning look in the mirror and like what I see. Treat distressed homeowners fairly and with compassion and you will find more opportunities opening up to you than you know what to do with.

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