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  • Published March 31, 2010
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Debt consolidation actually helps you to rectify your previous mistakes committed under a lot of stress and anxiety. With debt consolidation you can pay off your debts faster and save money at the same time for your future use. It is quite surprising, but the rate of interest for such debt consolidation loans is relatively low and allows you to pay off your debts smoothly and within a specified time frame. All you need to do is combine all your outstanding loans into one payable loan amount and eliminate the pain of multiple payments to various financial institutions.

Advantages of debt consolidation loans:

By consolidating your loan you can put an end to multiple payments every month. You can pay off your debts by writing one single check to your creditor. Debt consolidation provides you with flexible repayment options keeping your credit history in mind. It offers you competitive interest rates best suiting your needs. And in some of the cases you need not have to pay any taxes upon the interest amount that you are paying.

How does consolidation help you to become debt free?

Through the consolidation process you can combine all your outstanding debts into a single lump sum loan amount. The credit counselors make your life easy by negotiating with your creditors to obtain low interest rates and flexible repayment options. They also help avoiding penalty payments for the same. You no longer have to deal with your creditors individually and neither do you have to receive irritating reminder calls harassing you for your payments. All you need to do is just sit and relax while the expert counselors take off the burden from your head. So in a way debt consolidation makes your life a lot easier because you get the option of concentrating on paying a single loan amount instead of multiple payments.

Debt consolidation helps you to create and manage your budget in a much better way. A well defined budget is the foundation towards a successful wealth management. This assists you to manage and coordinate your finances to improve your credit rating. Most importantly, it helps to track and curb your expenses and find ways to supplement your income if required. A good credit counseling program can help you to achieve this.

Types of debt consolidation loans:

There are two types of consolidation loans. Secured consolidation loans and unsecured consolidation loans. Against a secured consolidation loan you are required to pledge a property such as your home, car or any other tangible asset that you own. This can lower your interest rate to a considerable amount and also help you to avoid paying any penalty as such.

Unsecured consolidation loans on the other hand require no such property to be pledged against them. Hence there is no risk of losing your home or other assets incase you become a defaulter. However the rate of interest is little higher as compared to the secured loans. Whether to opt for a secured or an unsecured loan, completely depends upon your financial ability judged by the credit counseling experts.

If you wish to come out of your debt faster and obtain your financial freedom, then debt consolidation is your one stop destination for the same. So do not hesitate, consolidate your debts and become debt free for the rest of your life.

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