Get Practicing on your Hamburger Seasoning Recipe before the Barbecue Season Starts

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  • Author Vincent Platania Jr.
  • Published April 26, 2010
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While the snow is still on the ground, you could be perfecting your hamburger seasoning recipe. So by the time you’re ready to pull out the beast – unless you’re one of those winter barbecuing fiends – you’ll be ready and waiting to slap your new concoction on that grill.

There’s much to be said about a good hamburger seasoning recipe. You can start with the basics or find a good foundation and build upon it. Either way, you’ll want to perfect that part beforehand, so you can have fun finessing outdoors. That’s the real point of barbecuing, isn’t it?

Lots of people have a favorite hamburger seasoning recipe, but not everyone is willing to share their secret. So that means you have some work to do. Some of it might involve eating burgers… I know, it’s a lot to ask. But, if you’re serious, then you’ll do that homework.

Among the possibilities for a good foundation are onions, eggs, and some steak spices. You might want to add a little cinnamon, if you dare. Some choose to marinate the meat, but you can also leave that for steaks and chicken and other treats.

When shaping your burgers, remember that they are going to shrink, and that they might have a tendency to puff up on the grill. So form them accordingly. Experiment with this one.

Make sure you line up some spices and sauce to bring out to the barbecue so that you can continue to flavor them as they cook. It also makes you look like you’re busy… chefs always have something to add, check, and turn.

And as you’re developing your style, work in those condiments too. There’s always processed cheese slices, but nothing beats cheddar, mozzarella, or even cream cheese – you read correctly – under the hood.

Speaking of hoods, try bigger buns for those giant burgers, or something with a sesame seed. Thickly sliced fresh bread can also be a healthy alternative. This one might just help you with practicing your recipe more often.

Then there are pickles, dill or sweet ones, and hot peppers. Relish and ketchup, and mustard, but here you want to live a little and check out one with beer or other flavors. Dijon is good. Don’t forget homemade ketchups and chutneys too. They can be amazing additions.

The best, but not the last, tip is to work with the freshest of ingredients. That means thinking about a good ground beef: lean as they come. You’ll want to make sure your guests come back for seconds.

You never know, this might become an annual ritual… a new hamburger design. There are worse ways to spend winter than over the stove cooking up masterpieces that go down well with everyone.

So good luck with your hamburger seasoning recipe; here’s hoping it will be perfect, or close to it, by the time the snow melts. If not, be brave, and join the millions of Canadians, many of them students, who partake in an annual spring ritual… just don’t forget your hat, also referred to as a toque!

Get started early so that your burgers are the hit of the neighborhood when it’s time to pull that grill out. Be creative with your condiments, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Author Vincent Peter Platania, Jr. writes about hamburger seasoning recipe. Since 1889 Rawleigh Products markets a line of Good Health Products that possessed both strength and quality.

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