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  • Author Agnieszka Kochanska-Deinrych
  • Published May 17, 2007
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Flattering clothes? Great! But are they really ALL you need to look your best? Haven’t you forgotten about your skin? It’s time you took care of it! Here are some tips to help you look fantastic from head to toe!

Cleansing routine

No, not again! Don’t you ever go to bed with your makeup on! When facial pores are clogged, your skin gasps for breath! How is your body to get rid of toxins through your skin while you’re sleeping, when all the doors are closed? Don’t forget about cleansing your face with a soft cleanser in the morning as well because during the night dead skin cells and dust collect on your skin! It is also advisable to exfoliate your face from time to time in order to cleanse it from dead skin cells even more precisely. You’ll be amazed what an immediate result it gives! Your skin will not only look refreshed and enlightened but it will also gain more firmness and resiliency.


You can never overestimate the benefits which relaxation can give you! You must have noticed yourself that after a goodnight sleep your skin always looks incomparably better than after a sleepless night. During the night not only your complexion, but also your whole body regenerates intensively, especially between midnight and 4 o’clock in the morning. That is why it’s not indifferent to your look and well-being what time you go to bed. You should take some rest as often as possible!

Healthy diet

Do you really believe you can eat junk food and still look attractive? Your skin will reflect an unhealthy diet in a short time, not to mention problems with your weight ;). What you can never eat too much of is fresh fruit and vegetables! They contain anti-oxidants such as vitamins C, D and E which bind with highly reactive free radicals in order to neutralize these dangerous chemicals and protect your body against them. Why don’t you try eating more fruit and veggies yourself? You’ll see the effects in your mirror in just a few weeks! And don’t forget about drinking a lot of water! Not only does it help cleanse your body of toxins, but it also keeps your skin moisturized and refreshed!

Sun protection

On the one hand, exposure to sunlight is essential to your skin’s health as it helps your body absorb calcium due to skin’s ability to convert sun rays into vitamin D, but on the other hand it is also the no. 1 cause of skin aging! After some time, even a few minutes a day of exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays may result not only in changes to your complexion such as freckles, age spots and rough places but may also cause skin cancer! That is why it is so essential to monitor how much time you spend in the sun and to use sunscreen to protect your skin, no matter what time of year.

No smoking!

Don’t do it to your skin and overall health! It is a well known fact that heavy smokers look a few years older than other people of the same age. Do you really want to be one of them? Smokers’ skin gets yellowish or grayish because instead of having oxy-generated blood delivered to its surface, it only gets poisons and oxidants! Give up smoking and you’ll see with your very eyes how your skin changes for better day after day!


All in all, exercise moderation! It’s very important not to exaggerate with cosmetics or skin procedures. Don’t believe everything cosmetic companies say about the need to use their products as often as possible! Did you know that moisturizer, for instance, is the most overused (yes, exactly! overused!) cosmetic in America? Don’t let the advertisements make you think you really have to not only slather it all over every square inch of your body but also do it at least twice a day! It’s just not true! It’s also unadvisable to use exfoliators too often as they can cause skin irritation. The drier your skin, the less you should exfoliate! One more thing to avoid doing too often is touching your face. Isn’t it much safer just to apply treatment products and let them work instead of pulling, squeezing and scratching your skin? The less you do it, the better the condition of your skin and the smaller the risk of scarring!

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