Wine Chiller Bucket - Old School Or Classy?

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  • Author Toby C Talvitz
  • Published May 12, 2010
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You've got the candles all lit, and table all set. All you need to do is wait for your loved ones to come. But wait! The wine, it's still at room temperature. You can't have warm wine when they arrive. This will ruin everything.

Alright, alright, don't panic. There must be something you can do. What do people usually do when they want to have chilled wine?

Wait a minute, it's all clear now, you received this as a present, and thought it was impractical, and never believed you would use it.

You bring it out, wipe it down so it shines, throw some ice in it from your freezer, and plunge the wine inside. Moving it about just a bit, and getting it at the correct position, just to make sure everything is perfect.

And at the night's finish, this is the thing that saved it, a chiller bucket. This one was stainless steel, shining in the room's candle light.

Are these really old fashioned? Some might say that, but in a really chic way. They are so in, and probably will never fall out of fashion. They surely can establish the mood for a romantic evening for two when they are brought out. Should you be without one? Not if you want to make a good impression you don't.

Now that you have read this review, and saw that the wine bottle chiller bucket saved the evening and set the mood, you should be giving it a second thought. This is something that no romantic night can be without. Guests see that glistening bucket, with the wine jutting out, submerged in ice, and all the worries seem to go away, because they realize they have a great evening to look forward to.

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