Celebrate Your Happiest Occasion with Do-it-yourself Wedding Cake

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  • Published April 29, 2010
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As a milestone of life, weddings call for special planning and a great attention to detail. For many women, getting the perfect dress and shoes to match is one tough hurdle. The same thing probably goes for most men. However, having the most wonderful wedding centerpiece like wedding cake is even tougher. So what is a couple to do? It is simple: create your own wedding cake and make them the centerpiece for the reception.

Cupcakes grouped beautifully on a chic wedding cake stand would be no more better for stylish yet chic wedding details. It is truth that cupcake stands can really make for a very interesting attraction in your wedding. You can even make the stands match the colors and themes of your wedding. If you are just considering make cupcakes for beautiful wedding cake, there are some tips and tricks for your to complete the beautiful yet stylish picture of wedding cake.

When you are making the wedding cake yourself, first, you need to choose a recipe, two or three recipes are much better if you can. Cakes are not just made up of flour, eggs and sugar, but on that level a Picasso is just oil and canvas. It is not the components that make up a masterpiece. It is the craftsmanship of the artisan.

Use a cake mix. Well, it is the fact that not every scratch recipe can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled and cake mixes can be multiplied. Moreover, cake mixes survive because they have come upon a formula that makes the cake reliable. Also buttercream icing is needed. Because the pastry chefs do assure that buttercream is far easier to work with than any other form of icing out there. Then a cake stand would never be forgotten. Both for stability and displaying the beauty, a cake stand can help you place the wedding cake tier on the appropriate plate and slip it into place on the stand. With chic grouping, some wedding cakes can even been never the better to be the pretty centerpiece of the wedding. When complete the cake and the stand, you can also decorate the wedding cake with fresh fruit, flowers, either artificial or real, crystal cake jewelry can all be used to flatter that cake on the stand. Some cakes stands for wedding cake can even enable you decorate the cakes with some popular elements like LED lights, candle lights, silk flowers, acrylic paint and tulle. If you are making the cupcakes for wedding, then even you can have many more choices to add the personality of you and your spouse to be. Whatever, grouping the cupcakes for wedding is probably another tough thing to do. But there are always ways out to achieve a chic yet stylish look of wedding cake, which would make every guest stunning in that sweet blessedness.

Do-it-yourself wedding cakes might sound doable. However, the cake has to be made in the last couple days before the wedding when there is no room for errors. Whether it is a do-it-yourself cake, Aunt making the wedding cake or a close friend the labor of love is intensely beautiful!

It is the fact that chic cake stands for wedding cake do play an important role to display that sweetness at wedding, just like a beautiful picture of wedding cakes stands completes a perfect wedding album.

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