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  • Author Raj Sharma
  • Published May 11, 2010
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Are you working hard to make some online income from your blog or site? Are you blogging to make constant online income stream? Working hard but not enough earning?, don’t worry, you are at the right place. We will quickly find some important facts that will reveal the problems with your online business.

For last few months I have been researching on "why bloggers are not making enough money?" and found some interesting facts. Here I am going to share my experience with you. Below are most important part that affects your online business in current market trend.

Content of your blog. Due to present day’s scenario, it is compulsory that you provide very useful information on your blog to your readers. If your reader will find the information posted on your blog, they may consider to revisit, or book mark. Another reason is search engines. Search engines become too clever now a day and hence if you are posting duplicated content on your blog, you will be panelized and will lost your search engine ranking. It is recommended to post regularly original and very useful content. Only original and regular content will make your blog lovable to search engine and hence you may get higher search traffic to earn some money from your blog.

Social media optimization. For last few years, importance of social media sites has been increased dramatically. Even major search engines like google have to change their search algorithm to meet requirement of real-time search from the social media sites like twitter and social bookmarking sites like delicious. As a blogger, we must have social account in few of top sites and should be active to increase online network through these sites. If you are using blogging platform like, wordpress, you can automate social media optimization process unto some instant. You can also generate cash from the visitors, who come through social media sites.

Being Active & Visible to your visitors: Being active means, continuously observing and researching your visitor’s activities (you may use tools like google analytics). Find how traffic comes to your site and what they like to read. Know your visitors interest and serve them what they want. Being visible means, allow your visitors to contact your through onsite contact form and allow them to comment on your blog posts. You must take personal interest to each visitor’s feedback or comment if possible as they might help you earn money form your blog. This will prove that, your blog and your online business is genuine and not just a spam, that runs by some automated software.

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