New Jersey State Police arrest 7-year old gang rape 5

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  • Published May 21, 2010
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Trenton, New Jersey

Authorities have announced two (2) adults and three (3) Youth for a 7-year-old girl gang-raped last week, March 28, 2010 in the Roman tower apartment and arrested.

Step 15-year-old girl said that her sister sold a 'child sex party'.

New Jersey State Police arrest 7-year old gang rape 5

Saturday night's news conference is scheduled for Tuesday at police headquarters in the state capital of Trenton areas.

Its name and details are expected to be announced at that time.

The 15-year-old selling her little 7 year old sister sex stories girls last week, was shocked and disgusted people around the world. 15-year-old she prostitution. She was detained in a report on the promotion of prostitution, sexual assault and other serious crimes alleged juvenile detention centers. A man, 20 years old, has had the same sex aged 15 and over the arrest, the estimated cost.

Police pleaded with neighbors to come forward to identify the perpetrators of the 7-year-old children ... even before the air strike two days. People do not want to talk, saying they fear gang retaliation.

Why do not they recognize their complicity in their silence, I can not understand. If it is their own sweet baby? It is likely that the next time - we all know that 'next time' came.

Reuters mayor said he met with relatives of the victims in his office Thursday to help, and to ensure that they can out of the security concerns of the neighborhood.

"We have confirmed that they left the area, he said:" Saturday afternoon, at a news conference.

He credited the hard work of the police force, but said: "We are still not completed." He said he would spare no expense "to ensure that everyone responsible to justice."

"We are still asking the community to let us know if they have any more information of this heinous crime," he said.

What kind of person that the rape of a child right? These are not human or animal, it's some evil monster, like a recent release from the depths of hell. What kind of person refused to them?

If you have more than retaliation for doing the right thing, I am afraid you really need to rethink. These sub-humans will continue to intimidate you, until you send a message to our children alone!

You can click here to read about her 15-year-old sales 7 years old sister sex stories back.

Sure to check back on this five people were arrested in updating the evening, allegedly gang raped a little 7-year-old.

Welcome to leave your comments police arrest 5 in New Jersey just rape 7 years of age.

If convicted, the appropriate punishment will be what is it? Do you think that the crime of child abuse, rape of children, should be eligible for the death penalty?

If you know who do so will prevent any criminal inflection point? If they refused to talk about was charged with aiding and abetting?

You guys need to cooperate in the Luo Enta before you and your children to become operational next title.

I would like to know what you think ... I would also like to thank them for this savage and brutal crimes to solve tough police.

Updated: 19:29 April 3, 2010.

Tiemear Lewis, 19, Gregory Joseph Leary, 20, teenage boys and three, one only 13 were arrested in this 7-year-old girl gang-raped people.

Trenton Police Director Irving Bradley said they are working with a serious sexual assault and endangering the welfare of children charges.

Stay tuned.

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