How a Range Cooker Can Enhance Your Home

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  • Published June 5, 2010
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The kitchen is at the heart of the family home and the cooker is at the heart of the kitchen. This means you need to take great care in the choice of your cooker and you can do no better than invest in a range cooker. This versatile item has a long history dating back to the 19th century when it was developed for its ability to heat, boil, and bake from one heat source. Originally exclusively wood-fired, modern range cookers mainly run on gas and there are also multi fuel units which use such fuels as peat as well as wood. Here's a look at how these versatile devices can enhance your home.

Range cookers are undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment as they offer a unique blend of economy, efficiency and style which is proving very attractive to many home owners. Traditionally made from wrought iron, you can also get sleek modern items crafted from stainless steel that will complement the most modern of kitchens.

A range cooker comprises two appliances in one unit - the burners on top of the unit and an integrated oven or several oven compartments down below. It may also include a grill. Most modern ranges feature a convection oven which allows cooking times of up to 30% faster than standard ovens. They also offer a number of features that make them easy to use. One of the most attractive is the self-cleaning option while gas ranges can have electric ignition.

When it comes to choosing a range cooker, you have two main choices for fuel. The most popular fuel for range cookers is gas which offers many advantages for cooking. Gas hobs are very responsive and can be adjusted quickly. A gas range cooker also offer the advantage that it can be placed it against any exterior wall and it doesn't require a chimney. This makes it the cooker of choice if you don't have and are unable to install a flue. Mains Gas (NG) is the most common though some models offer a bottled gas (LPG) option in case you live in a remote area where a mains supply is unavailable.

The other main option is the multi fuel cooker that can run on a wide range of solid fuels such as logs, bituminous or smokeless coal and peat. If you're planning to use wood, multi fuel range cookers take standard UK size logs. Wood is a renewable source of fuel which is carbon neutral. Solid fuel range cookers provide a more traditional and eco-friendly lifestyle which makes them very attractive to modern consumers. One thing to bear in mind is that you will need a conventional flue if you decide to install a solid fuel range cooker.

When shopping for your cooker, you'll need to consider the matter of size. You can get range cookers measuring from around 60-110 centimetres so you're sure to get one that fits your kitchen. They're freestanding so setting them is generally very straightforward.

You can also pick up some handy accessories including griddles, warming plates and various storage options. It's good to consider the matter of accessories at the time of purchase and installation of the cooker as some of the accessories may make such factors as extra cupboard space unnecessary. One thing to remember is that multi-fuel range cookers can be used to heat the radiators and the water in your household. This is well worth looking into if you're fitting out a new home or don't have central heating yet.

Range cookers offer tremendous versatility allowing cook s to multitask and cook a whole meal with speed and efficiency. They also bring an irresistible classic stylishness to your kitchen. You have a tremendous choice of models with various burner types, sizes and numbers and various ovens types and sizes so you're sure to find one that's suitable for your home.

With so many different varieties and types of range cooker to choose from, it can become daunting to know which to select. The best approach is to visit the web sites of reputable UK range cooker dealers and check out what's available. You'll find full details of a wide range of products to choose from and expert advice is just an email or phone call away.

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