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  • Published June 6, 2010
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Press release publishing is among the most preferred way of communicating with a large number of targeted audiences. Online press release submission websites has encouraged this trend even more by providing a similar way of publishing press releases online. The reputed PR submission websites guarantee the placement of news releases submitted to them to maximum number of news sources.

However, in order to get the maximum possible attention and the optimum benefits of online press release submission, it very important to learn the art of writing best press releases. A well written press release can attract more people towards the news whereas poorly composed press releases may have opposite effect. So, before using online press release submission as a tool in online promotion and SEO campaigns, it is necessary to learn the art of writing press releases.

Follow The Basic Principles of Writing Press Releases

There are some basic principles of writing a press release. One has to keep them in mind while creating a news release. The press release should have all the essential information like a headline, a summary describing the essence of news in nutshell), date & place of news, a descriptive body, author information in brief as well as contact information of author.

These are basic requirements of every press release. Loosing anyone of them may result in declining of press releases from publishing.

Follow The Specific Format

A majority of press release submission websites instructs their users to follow a specific format of press releases. Following website specific guidelines can maximize the chances of getting a press releases approved and published instantly.

Include Statements of People

To provide an emphatic appeal to any press release, the writer should include the statements or bytes of people representing the company behind the press release. It provides sense to the press releases and adds authenticity to that specific piece of news.

Be Professional Without Including Sales or Direct Promotion in Text

Professionalism should be the prime key of the press release writer. The press release should serve its purpose of promoting the company or organization behind it, but writer should avoid direct promotion or the statements doing some kind or direct sales through press release. It should not lose its essence.

Following above guidelines while writing a press release will result in maximum benefit and people can expect maximum online visibility of such well written news releases at various news sources.

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