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  • Author Christopher Stigson
  • Published June 18, 2007
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It is now smarter than ever to have a blog with your internet business. Why? There are many reasons. I have 5 reasons for having a blog myself. These are all great reasons and I strongly suggest you get a blog in combination with your marketing strategy. This article will be dedicated to beginners so please leave if you know much about it already.

Reason #1 You get better exposure and more leverage which drives traffic. How?

This is how. There is something called RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication". What this does in the core is to take your latest blog-post and puts it into an XML file. This XML file is called the RSS-Feed. This is the feed that you gain leverage from. You can get massive income from this. Why do you get such leverage and traffic pouring in? Because there is an ability to Subscribe to so called RSS-feeds. There are websites such as that you can submit your posts to. What this means is that your website gets published to more than one place at once. This is not only good for your business traffic, it's also good for marketing, which brings me to reason #2.

Reason #2 Having a blog with good content and good links can alone make you loads of money. How?

There is something called Affiliate Marketing, this means that you sign-up for an affiliate scheme. When that is done, you get an affiliate link. Still confused? Ok, this affiliate link is linked to a product or service provided by another vendor. This means you don't need a product to profit. The vendor is providing the product. How is this profitable for us you might ask!? Well, here is the answer for that too. Every time you refer somebody through that link (almost like handing out flyers at your local K-Mart with a promotion code on it) you get a commission. The commission can vary from 5% to almost 80%. This means that if a product is $100 and you refer only ONE person who makes a sale from your affiliate link. You will then get $5 or $80 depending on the commissions. Can you see how powerful this is? Many people are clicking banner ads for $0.01/click, it amazes me.

Reason #3 You can spread your affiliate link as fast as lightning with blogging!

Your blog can get ultimate exposure from Social Bookmarking Sites. These are sites like, Digg, myLot, myspace and many others. This is where you can firstly blog about your affiliate product and recommend it to people, give honest feedback, the creators deserve it. Also add links to your blogpost, and maybe an image from the author. Now you have a perfect post for making money, you have submitted it and now it's time to wait for people to see it right!

Reason #4 Make YOUR blog get ahead of your competitions blogs! The fun challenge :)

There are many free sites such as wordpress, and blogger. These are all good except for the fact that there are 27 million of them, practiacally 60% using the basic templates! This means your blog is hard to find and will look just like the other ones.... I'd consider this boring, would you? Well then, go out there and spend some time finding a nice template for your blog. When this is done, you have a nice site. Remember not to get a blogger or wordpress account, even though these sound very easy to use. I'd suggest you take the time to actually learn how to use on on your own. This will make revenue for your affiliate programs shoot throught the roof. Peple are tired of "your blog url blogspot com". People want nice looking urls with as little fishy looking things as possible. Clean, easy and eye catching is what people are looking for! Get out there and make an effort to get that done. There is a CMS (Content Managing System) that is called JOOMLA which I highly recommend for blogging. JOOMLA is 100% CSS and Customisationable from a userfriendly menu. Just google for more info.

Reason #5 Getting your blog and RSS feed out there is easy.

Be sure to get people to spread it! Ask your friends and family to do it, this gives your site hits and you are not doing much. Promote it, but don't SPAM. Download tools that post RSS-Feeds to many places at once, some up to 400+ RSS feed places. This is almost like article marketing, or bum marketing as the experts call it.

BONUS REASON: There is something called AdSense, I can't believe you have missed it.. right, that is putting clickable ads on your site. This is good for income too, keywords reaching as high as $10-$20 per click. These are rare to find though, I do have some tools that hunt these little rascals down and give it to you.

Well I hope you found some information useful, maybe you already knew this, or there was something new, this article is dedicated to "newbies" and those little less experienced. I can teach you more at the link in my resource box! Thank you for reading the whole thing!

The tools I was talking about above can be found at this will really help you in your pursuit to internet profits.

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