Hold the Phone Mabel … Obama Facing Treason Trial

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  • Author Denise Clarke
  • Published June 13, 2010
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Yikes! I have seen and heard a lot of stuff over the last 50+ years of my life, but who would have thought that the good old USA, America the Beautiful would be led by a CIA operative that assisted Al Qaeda, the same terrorists that have slaughtered so many of our innocent citizens?

This is really tough for me to get my head around, but I just watched the videos from the Honorable James David Manning's youtube channel about the life and times of Barack Hussein "The Long Legged Mac Daddy" Obama. His answer is that Barack Hussein Obama was really working for the CIA for many years. Hold the phone Mabel!

OK, so I thought I'd do some digging of my own and it seems that Pastor Manning is could be pretty much right on the money. No one remembers the "star" pupil of Columbia University. The only two people who would admit to knowing him during his "Columbia" days are a Pakistani friend, Sohale Siddiqi (former coke addict) and "roommate" Phil Boerner who roomed with him one semester while in New York in an unheated apartment. These sure aren't warm, fuzzy memories. Scheesch …I don't know, but if I became famous … maybe won the lottery or became President of the most Powerful Nation in the world ... I think all sorts of folks would be turning up from my past claiming that we were long lost buds. I'm certainly not famous, but even I could come up with a few of the names of friends from those lazy, crazy college times!

I have often wondered about the "lost episodes" of Obama's life. The Democrats seemed to turn a blind eye to these lapses during the presidential race claiming that change was more important than what we might change to. Personally, I think rooting around in a Cracker Jack's box looking for the prize might have been a better approach. What about his trip to Pakistan? Visiting friends, sure a great place to visit while the country was under martial law! How about being a "C" student at Occidental College and then not only being admitted to Harvard Law School, but having the funds to pay for it? Why not! We could also go into the small item of the "birth certificate" and all sorts of other oddities, but hey, why beat a dead horse, huh?

Perhaps this trial will finally let the American public in on a few of the deep dark "CIA" secrets and answer some of these previously unanswered questions … or maybe not.

The Honorable David James Manning stated the treason trial again Barack Hussein Obama is scheduled for May 2010 … I know that I'll be sitting front row, on the edge of my chair waiting to see what dog and ponies President Obama strut's out for this affair.

If nothing else, it will give the American public more to scratch their heads over and me more to write about … LOL!

PS. BTW be sure to watch the youtube videos if you get a chance

Denise Clarke is a retired paramedic firefighter. Since retirement she has re-invented herself as a blogger, author and internet marketer



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