3 Common Barriers to Blog Success

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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published June 26, 2010
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For many blog success can be difficult to achieve due to varying reasons or circumstances. The blog building process itself is a long and winding road filled with many ups and downs. Many popular blogs you see on the internet today did NOT get that way overnight but instead slowly built a loyal reader base over a period of time. The fact of the matter is that of all the blogging sites you may find online today only a small percentage will be in existence a year from now. What is it that keeps so many of these sites from the dreams of success they originally started out with?

Here are 3 of the most common barriers that many blogging sites succumb to in their quest to establish themselves online.


As already mentioned above the blog building process can take quite a bit of time. Without gaining any type of 'gratification' over a period of time many tend to lose their enthusiasm or the inspiration they felt when they first started. This results in a decrease in the quality of their post which then leads to a decrease in their readership.


Once a bloggers inspiration begins to decline due to their slow progress so does the motivation necessary to 'adequately' maintain the site itself. Now not only are post lacking quality but they are also becoming more infrequent as well.

As difficult as it made be to build a steady flow of returning traffic it is much easier to lose whatever readers you may already have.


With little or no sign of gratification the owners of many blogging sites understandably will then begin to feel unappreciated. At this point the feeling of 'what is the sense' starts to sink in and this demoralizing feeling is tough to shake. Now the blogger is on the verge of simply giving up and likely will if the lack of gratification continues. This is a bad but also natural 'emotional' cycle many fall into when trying to establish a blog.

Achieving blog success online is something to be proud of due to the fact that it is a feat not easily accomplished. The blog building process is a long and challenging one that can and will test the resolve of even the most motivated amongst us. Even the most popular blogs you can find online had to pay their dues in patience, effort and time before they established themselves. Although circumstances vary from one blogger to the next the 3 barriers we discussed here today commonly faced by every blogger at one time or the other. Ultimately it is the motivation and perseverance of the individual that determines the degree of success they will achieve. Blog building is not a short sprint but rather a long distance run. If you possess the endurance to continue on you will likely be one of the minority who cross the finish line.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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