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  • Author Marquis Van De Mark
  • Published July 13, 2010
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You have come to the best spot if your scouting for a TweetOMatic Profiteer review.

Let me be up front with you, I am not going to feed you a bunch of Nonsense and B.S. similar to some of the other reviews you might have already read…

THE Truth IS: Finding a straight trustworthy review on the net these days is like hitting the state lottey, you have a much better chance at getting hit by lightning…

The only thing people want to do these days is just make money…

What the heck is TweetOMatic Profiteer anyhow?

Well these 2 internet "experts" Imran S and Mike Wright, designed this software program in March of 2010. The both of them came up with a strategy to make money with Twitter without getting your account suspended.

These 2 experts produced an automated software system that does 95% of your tasks in your Twitter accounts.

Before I purchased anything I like to be aware of the track record of these 2 pros before I pull out my billfold and spend some money. Did their earlier programs make any money?

The records show, a big YES. They made an absolute fortune promoting Clickbank products. Then again so have other people. The real truth is, a lot of people already know about targeting traffic to market and sell thier products. So what made me sit up and take notice was the way it was automated. I have to give these guys a hats off Imran S and Mike Wright – They made this Twittering a lot less difficult.

I mean you could possibly do it yourself, but by automating the operation, it makes it more doable for just about anybody.

So just what are you gonna get with TweetOmatic Profiteer?

Plainly, you get a really cool software that let’s you automate your Twitter building list, follow the users you want to and unfollow the Twitters that don’t follow you back…all done automatically.

You can then coordinate your clickbank affiliate campaign from the same exact dashboard interface.

The bottomline pros and cons of TweetOMatic Profiteer

The fact is if you have struggled at advertising and marketing Clickbank products before, then this won’t make it any better. On the other hand, if you have been successful and want to kick it up a notch TweetOMatic can work for you.

Look to keep it real, TweetOMatic will not take a novice and make them successful overnight. But, if your making money now using affiliate promotions, then it can super-charge your income.

Here are a few of the Goody’s your going to get like:

  • How to use Twitter software

  • How to monetize Twitter without being banned

  • Inside info on the Forex niche

My honest review, I trust that anybody who uses this will improve their profits. I cannot make any kind of claims how much your gonna make, that all depends on you and your situation and who wants to hear a bunch of hype anyway.

My final thoughts…

Save your money and please don't buy this product if you think your going to get rich right away Making money Online takes time and hard work.

The software is superb and the coaching is really good but remember you have to work at it.

You need to move quick although, they only have 300 copies available and with a product similar to this it will sell out extremely fast.

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