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  • Author Marquis Van De Mark
  • Published July 21, 2010
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Certainly you may have ended up on this web site in the hope of determining if Affiliate Silver Bullet may be worth a purchase…

Before we find out about that… allow me to simply come out and explain how I’m gonna cut through a lot of the other B.S you’ve perhaps read about it so far..

A Fact TO Think about: These day’s it’s just about impossible to get a honest review online because almost all of the time the one thing people are focused on is making a fast buck.

Because of numerous courses which were introduced over the prior year, a lot more people than ever before have found out how you can make these review websites that con folks into buying…

Let me be clear…this is a REAL affiliate silver bullet truthfull review that will give you specifically the pros and cons of this program.

You won’t find me obsessed with sell, sell, sell…I would preferably just give it to you direct what their offering is on the inside, give you my ideas on the subject matter and let you make up your own mind if you want to purchase it!

Allow me just lay it out for you..

So just what exactly is Affiliate Silver Bullet? (but the real question, will it make me some money)

You may well have read of Soren Jordensan or Cindy Batte before…you may have heard of CB Pirate which was the program that was unleashed on the world last year…

Unleashed on the world sounds a bit "hypey" and the reason I chose that word is that it was unleashed on the world and was a ground breaking program. They structured the method and took all the work out of your hands and did just about all the work for you behind the scenes…all you had to do was drive traffic to a unique link…

It was well received and a very large success…

Simply because CB pirate was a gigantic hit that does not automatically suggest Affiliate Silver Bullet will be as well…

Let each individual product speak for itself…

Before I purchase anything I absolutely like to know the individuals track record…

Doing some research…staying away from one-sided forums since my 7 years of internet marketing experience has taught me you can in no way please everyone…

Now just what exactly do you get when you purchase affiliate silver bullet?

It's actually promoted as a complete affiliate marketing tool..and I must point out they do cover a lot of the bases…

Each and every week they give you a brand new "Silver Bullet" that is focalized on marketing an affiliate product…if you have seen the sales page it illustrates what you get, if you have not had the chance to read the sales page let me break it down for you whats on the inside.

(We need to fully grasp the inside subject matter before I can give you my review)

  1. A TOP quality video squeeze page

  2. A pre-selling mini site

  3. A powerful 5 part email series

  4. 25 keyword rich SEO articles

You do not need any technical skills…you just have to point and click a few buttons and this will all be generated just for you. Which is fantastic and comparable to the CP pirate system.

Each and every "silver bullet" is it’s very own online business…but listen up…


Affiliate Silver Bullet will do the majority of of the construction and upload your site in minutes..but when it's up and running your nonetheless going to have to put some effort and hard work in to it.

You will get some free organic targeted traffic here or there from the SEO articles but you will be accountable to follow 2 important steps…

  1. A bit of link building to get better search engine rankings

  2. Some PPC to drive more traffic directly to your video squeeze page

Here’s the good news…

PPC could cost you a fortune and get nothing in return because the products don’t convert or sell.

Here the PPC will drive traffic to your squeeze page and this definitely will build your list…not in just a single niche but in numerous niches depending on how many "silver bullets" you have got in your gun.

Everybody knows the money is in the list.

You’ll already know that the silver bullet product has validated it’s conversions but, straight up, Affiliate Silver Bullet is an brilliant package, when compared to just about all the other crap out there. Right now let me just point out if you go into this with the approach I’ll buy the program push a few buttons, get a handful of websites up and operating and sit back contemplating your going to get rich then your going to fail.

The real truth is the bottomline no one gets rich takes some time and work. You will have some disappointments as well. Do not fret…just keep working at it.

You have read a load of emails and a bunch of other reviews that have said that Affiliate Silver Bullet is the be all and end all.

It’s all simply just Sales hype and alot will easily get caught up in it. Purchase the product and then realize hey "I indeed have to put some hard work into this thing"

I am not going to give you a bunch of B.S.

I know from experience those who are eager to do some grunt work to start and totally understand just because they purchased Affiliate Silver Bullet absolutely does not mean they become millionaires over night.

If you have the motivation to put in some time and effort, build up what you already have within your "silver bullet" website packages then you have better than anybody else out there to make a boat load of cash…if not over night within 2-3 months you will start seeing the cash come tumbling in, little waves at first, then some large waves and it just builds and builds. Here is the straight truth- If you got the guts to give it your best shot and put some sweat equity into promoting affiliate silver bullet sites then when you look back in a few months down the road you will say to yourself "what a great decision I made to invest a little in this system"…

On the other hand if you got this crazy notion in your mind that you will join affiliate silver bullet and become the next Bill Gates overnight then don’t even bother spending your money, put it back in your pocket.

The choice and decision is yours..

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