Manifesting abundance with the power of the subconscious mind


  • Author Mark Harrison
  • Published September 29, 2010
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universe. With it, we create everything we experience. The function of our

subconscious mind is to deliver to our experience what we desire. In fact, we

are here to orchestrate our experience of life, and the subconscious mind does

this by having a connection not only with the thinking, conscious mind but with

the limitless intelligence of the universe, which some people call the Universal

Mind or 'Source.' Our subconscious is to the Universal Mind as a drop of water

is to the ocean - it is made of the same stuff and, in a sense, is never

separate from it - in essence, it is the same thing. We have all the resources

of the Universal Mind at our fingertips - we can take as much abundance as we

want, but the tragedy is that many of us see ourselves as separate and, filled

with doubt and thoughts of lack, we never take more than a tea spoon of water

from the great ocean of the universe. The reality is that we can have anything

if we align ourselves to a few basic truths.

Get a clear idea of what you intend to achieve

In his classic book, Think

and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill tells us that ‘everything is

created twice.’ We cannot build a house without first drawing up a blueprint.

We cannot sail a ship or fly a plane without first having a plan of where we

want to go. Step one in the process of creating our own reality is having a

clear and definite image of where we are going and the knowledge that our

subconscious mind can get us there by its connection with Source.


Release your intention - let go and feel good.

We have no idea how an acorn grows into a tree. We have no

idea how flesh heals itself after a cut. And we have no idea how the creative

process works. But we know there is a vast and wonderful intelligence in the

universe which transcends anything we can understand and control. Let go, and

see how coincidence and synchronicity order your experience in an astonishing

way. Feel good about the process. Our emotion is our navigator - if we feel good

then we are lined up with our intention and are ready to receive it; if we feel

bad - a sense of lack, worry, impatience, jealousy, frustration - we are pushing

our desires further away.


Be alert, watching for opportunities as they arise naturally and act on

them when they come along

When I was a child, we had a cat. She was very good at

catching birds in the garden, and I have often thought that her technique is a

good analogy of the way we should approach deliberate manifestation of our

intentions. She would go out into the garden and sit herself down near to where

she knew birds came along to eat or bathe. Crouching low on her belly, silently,

motionless, she waited, eyes almost closed, but ever alert. Birds came and went,

and still she sat, waiting for the right moment. Only when a bird came close

enough would she pounce. When she decided the moment was right, she jumped and

devoured the bird. She never failed. Like our cat, we need to be ready to take

any opportunity which comes along, not running all over the place, chasing our

dreams, trying hard to make things work for us, but waiting patiently and

quietly for the chance we need, and then acting decisively and clearly to take



Realize your own power as creator of your experience

Much of the time, there is a time gap between creating our

mental images and achieving our intentions. This time lag is essentially our

minds removing the obstacles we have put up ourselves and which work against our

own achievement. We could call this process 'allowing.' We can have anything we

chose; the trouble is that many of us simply don’t believe it. Personally, I

have seen evidence of how effective my own subconscious mind can be: I have seen

manifestation take place by working with my own deliberate intentions. This can

be a frightening experience. Realizing that we are, indeed, in control of our

own lives and coming face to face with the fact that we cannot abdicate

responsibility for our experience can be terrifying - it is quite some

responsibility! But if we truly believe that we can have whatever we imagine,

then in that instant the wheels are put in motion and the Universal Mind

delivers what we have chosen.


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