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  • Published October 13, 2010
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A blog master is to blogging what a zen master is to … well you get the point! Having a popular blog means that you as the site owner are keeping your readers happy enough they continue to return. It also stands to reason that your readers are likely referring your site to others which increases your blog traffic. Now obviously these are things you want and it is also nice to have your efforts appreciated but what exactly is it you have done to gain the favor of your readers? It all starts with realizing your site is based on its interactivity so a certain standard of behavior needs to be upheld by you, after all you are the host!

Here are 3 patterns of behavior and/or contact most popular blogs consistently uphold to ensure their visitors enjoy a positive experience


Your site is basically a social gathering of people interested in the topic you write about and you are the host. If you want people to enjoy their experience you must act accordingly in a manner that is pleasing and respectful of others. With all the blog traffic you will be receiving (hopefully) it is inevitable that you will have some people who leave 'negative' comments and the best thing you can do is ignore them. To retort in a like minded way only lowers you to their level and casts a 'gloom' on the atmosphere of the site. As a musically inclined reggae philosopher once said, 'don't worry, be happy!'


The core of any popular blog starts with posting content that serves some type of use to the readers. This is what people seek out online and what attracted them to your site! Another aspect of being helpful is to answer any inquiries they may have that are directed at you. Remember your site is a community where people can learn new things while also helping one another. Exchanges that keep these things in mind help to further build that feeling of community on your site.

Consistent and Dependable

Remember that by launching your site you are offering people an experience or service. You are also hoping they enjoy what you are presenting them and will therefore continue to return. With that said it is up to you to continue in a consistent manner to meet their expectations and maintain their loyalty. If you have established some type of posting schedule do your best to stick with it so people know what to expect.

Being a blog master means you have followers who enjoy your efforts and depend upon you to continue delivering. A popular blog concerns itself not only with the grade of content posted but also the tone of the environment as well. It is this combination that has attracted the blog traffic you are experiencing and keeps people coming back. It is always important to remember to view yourself as the host of a social site and to act in a manner where people feel comfortable and welcomed. Most popular blogs also realize people depend upon them to continue delivering the content and atmosphere they have grown to enjoy. As a blogger you take on responsibilities that requires a certain effort and tone of behavior as reviewed above, and it is these qualities that attract the blog traffic you experience. A blog master is always a good host and that is something you must remember if you want to have a popular blog!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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