One Way To Beat Anger Problems.


  • Author Broyde Mcdonlad
  • Published October 15, 2010
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I have been practicing writing my thoughts in journals since my lower school years. It helps me get through anger problems. All I had to do was write about every anger thought that came into my head as I remembered the day's scenarios. From then until now, I still use a journal. The difference is I used to use a huge notebook but now I use my computer. What I want to share with you is to how you could help yourself solve issues without any body's help but your own. You can do this by writing or typing thoughts.

I had a difficulty with some friends once during my college years. I was so depressed about it that I didn't want to tell anyone about it. But I found a confidant I trusted in my personal computer. I found that as I kept typing my thoughts that I was actually getting over my anger in some strange way. Typing was actually helping me get rid of the anger that I was feeling. I also saw that the more I typed, the more anger problems were solved. Whenever I type the words at a fast pace, I am able to feel the pressure growing inside me as if I was telling someone off. It was the same feeling as telling it to a psychiatrist or the person I felt was at fault for angering me. The experience is always satisfying.

To get rid of anger problems I start with the story of the entire day I am concentrating on. I ask myself questions about the day, once I have typed all of the questions, I try to answer them. I answer them one by one, using different perceptions for the answers. First I look at a pessimistic point of view then I take an optimistic look. I then do a brainstorm and look to find the specific details that started the problem. I then read it over again, and by this time, so many explanations are in my head that I can't keep my fingers from typing.

I have a reliable way of working on anger problems with this practice. Instead of just thinking of the situation again and again and how and why it came about, it is better to just write it down or type it. Doing this helps with defusing the details that serve to infuriate you more. Since I have learned to deal with anger problems, it has been a while since I had to talk to someone. It's only a matter of reducing affairs into tidbits and connecting every thing that happened. As you write, you will get solutions. This works for me, it will for you too!

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