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  • Published October 9, 2010
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When electing to enter the field of blog marketing many choose to be guided by the popularity of a niche as the basis upon which to build their theme. Now short term this may seem like the right thing to do since it may be easier to generate traffic, but that is over the short term. Remember, the more popular the market the more competitive it will also be. You will be competing with some of the most popular blogs around who are more established and authoritative while also likely more informed about the niche. However if you were to instead pursue something you were more interested in and passionate about wouldn't that make your blog posting easier? Remember you will not be making money overnight so plan for the long haul!

Let's look at 3 compelling advantages you would have choosing a passion over popularity when selecting your blog theme.

Enthusiasm is Already There

As already mentioned it takes time to develop a loyal following on a blog so therefore you are going to need to be patient and persistent with your blog posting. If you choose a subject or theme you have an interest in your enthusiasm level will be high giving you the motivation you need.

People Want Useful Information

Since it is assumed that you are more informed about a 'personal' interest or passion is it not safe to assume your blog posting would be of higher quality as well? When people have a true passion or interest about something they tend to 'give it their all' in terms of effort. In this case, effort can be considered willingness and eagerness to research and learn. This of course is passed on with each posting.

Serving a 'Greater' Purpose

Instead of being 'money' motivated your efforts are driven more by a deeper purpose which will be reflected in the content you serve up to your readers. You are truly interested in what your are blogging about therefore what you offer readers will likely be more insightful and thought provoking. This in turn will serve a greater purpose for them! You are not just reporting 'rehashed' news but also supplying perspectives readers may have not thought of otherwise! This is much more engaging!

Blog marketing is a field where a strong following and loyalty must first be established before you can expect to make any money. As tempting as it may seem to select a popular market upon which to base your blog theme, you will be competing with some of the most popular blogs online. Early on it may be relatively easy to generate traffic due to the market popularity, but this will be only short term. Eventually you can expect the more popular blogs to 'crush' you due to the authority they have and the knowledge they possess. On the other hand, since making money takes time anyway, does it not make more sense to follow your passions for the 3 reason we discussed above? Your blog posting will be easier, and in time your site and popularity will grow making it easy to generate traffic as well. All this by sticking with something you are already passionate about makes me believe there is no other direction to even consider when selecting your theme!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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