Quests Beyond Existence


  • Author Michael Duque
  • Published October 17, 2010
  • Word count 378

Quests beyond existence

One of the original members of the Spirit Questors is launching a book entitled "Quests Beyond Existence" that talks about the group’s hair-raising experiences, and the shady characters they’ve encountered during their quests – from mischievous dwarves playfully tearing at a young boy’s consciousness, to fairy prince and princess falling in love with a human and tree dwellers, the Moon Goddess, as well as spirits of the undead wreaking havoc in the lives of ordinary mortals.

Presenting a completely unique point-of-view, the book will soon be made accessible to us when Spirit Questor members make a tour of major Powerbooks outlets in the metro starting at Trinoma on October 27, Mall of Asia on October 28 and 29 October at Greenbelt in Makati where the official book launching will be held. There will also be a book launch at Berting’s Grill in Libis, Quezon City on October 30.

The launching of the book is made to coincide with a Grand Eyeball of the Paranormal, Psychic and New Age enthusiasts that is slated to be held in Baguio City on November 3.

Everyone is invited.

The author says that by writing a book on the personal experiences he had during some of their quests, he was hoping that the compilation will serve as an eye-opener of sorts to people who used to question the reality of "spirits in another world" and the existence of paranormal phenomena. "Through my personal quests, I would like to share my experiences with them. I hope that they would gain inspiration out of it. The collection also wants to let people know what the Spirit Questors do, and why they do it. It is also hoped that they would be able to use the material as a starting point for developing themselves," he adds.

During its early reviews, the anthology has been described as "beyond perception and description." For people who share a common passion for finding the truth, discovering the unknown and has an insatiable thirst for knowing how it’s actually like to feel, hear, and converse with other worldly spirits, then this book is for you.

To know more about the book, visit The book is now also on Facebook. Just check out

Michael Duque is a former member of the Spirit Questors and now currently lives in the United Kingdom.

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