Global Resorts Network Complaint..THE TRUTH!

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  • Author Will Love
  • Published October 19, 2010
  • Word count 320

The question that lurked in my mind when I first heard was,

"Is there a Global Resorts Network Scam?". Well much to my

surprise they actually do exactly what they say they are

going to do. See they actually do allow you to stay in

luxury resorts for, the most, $700ish for an entire week.

The least you pay is $200ish.

So the Global Resorts Network Scam was on its way to being

solved in my mind.

My search on the Global Resorts Network Forum and Global

Resorts Network LLC lead me to find out even more customer

satisfaction. As a matter of fact when I tried to find

Global Resorts Network complaints I was impressed to find

few to none. So the giant skeptic and his wife decided to

join, although we had been burned in the past.

Here's what all the talks about, for $3000 you get a life

time membership, the cost of one vacation. You get to pick

from thousands of high end resorts and I mean high end! So

the search for the Global Resorts Scam continues.

I actually think I wanted to find a Global Resorts Network

Scam I began searching the "other" travel sites to compare

prices on the resorts offered through Global Resorts Network

LLC. To my shock I discovered I was being ripped off for

years. Global was THOUSANDS of dollars less than everybody


How'd they do it? I am not interested in seeing how

sausages are made in order for them to taste good to me,

that's how I feel about the "global resorts network scam".

Even if it is set up like a sort of "global mlm network

resorts club", it works all day long.

Here's a question for you, if you could buy the same luxury

car $5,000 vs $50,000 would you?

Let me show you the other thing that has got me so jacked

up Global Resorts Network LLC

DO NOT TRAVEL until you check out Will Love's excellent

review to avoid getting

ripped off by by the "other" travel sites promising deep

discounts and find out how you can have all your travel paid

for with Global

Resorts Network Team Leader.

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