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  • Published November 13, 2010
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For more information about John Olshefski's Campaign for Huntsville City Council and his position on South Huntsville issues visit:

Hey Everyone,

Much has been going on this last week of the campaign. We had a great turn-out at the Redstone Village and Ditto Landing forum..THANKS! We have also been blessed by the endorsement of the Huntsville Times and WVNN's Dale Jackson, I am always appreciative of new members joining the Olshefski Team. This weekend we have a full schedule of campaign activity leading to Tuesday's (5 October) election, I thank all of you for continuing to push through the 4th Quarter.

Together we can win this election on October 5th, 2010.

Thanks again,

John O.

Appreciation to all my District 3 Campaign Supporters

Hello Everyone,

Well folks we are finally getting close to the election finish line, I cannot express strong enough my appreciation for all of you who have continued to give of yourselves to help this campaign and joint vision we share. The last several weeks have seen me attending many one-on-one group meetings and radio shows. I continue to be impressed by the feedback I receive when going door to door. Our District is more than willing to roll-up their sleeves for a better south Huntsville, it is a humbly experience to say the least. We continue to focus on running a clean issue oriented campaign, I thank each of you for keeping it that way. Let's keep driving on and sharing the John O message. Don't forget the election is the 5th of October.

Thank you,

John O.

Jonathan Hitt and Kelly Sims at Casa Blanca 11:30-1:00pm tomorrow

Hey Everyone,

Every Thursday (till election day) I'll be at Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, 11:30-1:00, South Memorial Pkwy, Main Street South Shopping Village (near Martin Road exit).

Jonathan Hitt and Kelly Sims will be joining us tomorrow, 9 Sep. Hope to see you there!

John O.

Phase II - Olshefski Campaign Moving Forward

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the last burst of summer (Labor Day) with family and friends. Sharon and I made the trip to South Caroline to watch the Citadel play in their season opener.

We had a great time recharging our batteries, but now are ready to meet, greet, and communicate again with our neighbors of District 3.

Given the budget problem that the city is facing, having someone like me that has dealt with such issues in the past as Garrison Commander is more important than ever.

In the coming weeks I plan to walk as many streets as my legs can take me, sharing my vision of south Huntsville and hearing your ideas. I look forwarding to seeing as many folks as I can, so I can earn your vote in the October 5th election.


John O.

Thank you for your Vote

"All-I cannot express in words the great appreciation I have for all of you that voted for me yesterday. It was truly a humbling experience as I went from poll to poll taking to so many neighbors and fellow district 3 residents. We have another 6 weeks to go, but I am full of excitement at meeting more citizens , listening to concerns, and sharing my vision. We intend to keep this campaign clean and above board, the citizens deserve that much and my character demands it. Do not let the frustration of the campaign cause you to say or do anything negative, as it will reflect upon all of us....just keep smiling, life really is good."

Thank you all,

John O. and

Vote John Olshefski for Huntsville City Council District 3 on August 24th

You can find out more about John's Campaign for the Huntsville City Council District 3 seat in South Huntsville at his campaign website and blog.

John has received endorsements from the following organizations. Thanks for your support!

Huntsville Education Association

Huntsville Firefighters Association

Committee of 100

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