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  • Published November 12, 2010
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Hypnosis is found to be a state of mind in which the person is faced with the situation of role playing. It has been described as the mental statement where the person is asked to take the initiative for the role playing which is found to be an imaginative one. Hypnotic induction is the actual condition in which the person is faced with this situation and in order to get indulged in the hypnotic situation the person has to follow a procedure as well and the steps of the procedure are found to be identified. In this situation the person is told about all the instructions and other guidelines that need to be followed by the person.

Sometimes the suggestions are also given to the person in order to act in a certain way and then get indulged into these activities. On the other hand the person who gets indulged into all these activities is called as the hypnotist and this takes place in the presence of the subject matter. On the other hand hypnotherapy is the situation in which the person undergoes through the therapy for hypnosis. Hypnosis is the world which was invented by James Braid who is found to be a person who belongs to Scotland and even hypnotism is also used to describe the same situation.

The both words hypnotism and hypnosis is considered to belong to the same category and this is the world which had been derived through the word known as neurohypnotism. It has also been reported that James braid was found to be a surgeon and in 1841 this world and along with different situations came into being. This concept of hypnosis was also accepted by other people who were known as his followers and they are the one who began to work more and even more on this situation for the benefit of other people. Furthermore in some situations it has been reported that hypnosis is a situation where a person is not considered to be in his own mind. This situation is referred to as the unconsciousness of the mind. Moreover some of the followers disagreed with it and they said that it is found to be a state in which the person is in his mind and does all the activities by keeping himself into his senses and even wakefully as well.

On the other hand different definitions for hypnosis had been given and even James braid himself said that hypnosis is found to be situation where the person is in a state of relaxing and the relaxing phase takes place physically. Mental concentration is also required in order to let hypnosis work properly and at good terms and conditions which would be quite helpful and beneficial for the person. However different characteristics had been identified for the hypnosis and its other functioning. The hypnotic induction is the technique which is mainly used in the process of hypnosis and this is found to be a good technique for many people.

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