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  • Published November 12, 2010
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Aside from the efforts you invest, your blog traffic is the most important thing you have got going for you on your site. Actually any efforts you do invest all target ways in which to generate traffic since without it your site serves little purpose other than being a personal journal for you. Now if you are blogging for money, having visitors to your site becomes all the more important and necessary. It therefore only makes 'cents' to take certain simple measures to make your site more attractive if you expect to earn money blogging.

Let's look at 5 things you can easily add to your site to help you generate traffic when you are blogging for money.


The content posted to your site should reflect some personal insights when and where applicable 'peppered' with an occasional display of your own personality as well. Sharing opinions and viewing those of others is what people like to do and often how they develop their own. Showing your personality helps to make the blog more unique and gives it a more comfortable feel for visitors. If you intend to earn money blogging you want to make your platform as comfortable as possible for visitors.

Useful Information

When people land on your blog you want them to benefit in some way from what you have posted. Your entries can reflect humor, breaking news, satirical comments on issues related to your theme or simply be educational in nature. Whatever direction you choose with your blog posting you do want strive to always give people a reason for returning.


Patience and a willingness to invest consistent effort will be your 2 biggest allies when developing reader loyalty. In order to generate traffic to your blog you will have to continually post worthwhile content for people to read. Only after a period of time will they begin to develop a loyalty towards your site. If you are blogging for money this loyalty will have to be strong in order for people to be willing to consider making purchases.

Keyword Use

When composing entries take the time to carefully select a few keywords or phrases around which you can based the content. By correctly placing these words or phrases within your post you will be making it easier for the search engines to find and rank your site. This of course will help attract free search engine traffic and the only work you'll need to invest is properly selecting and placing keywords when composing the content. This is too easy to do and too important to overlook!


Always allow for comments to be left at your site since they not only serve as social proof for the popularity of your blog but also create a stronger sense of community. It is quite common for new visitors to first look at the comments when they land on your blog before they even look at any of the content. Also, as the blogger, you want to partake in discussions when you can and reply to any comments directed at you that call for a response.

Being your blog traffic is what keeps the site alive and gives you the motivation to keep it updated you want to take measures to make it as inviting as possible. This is especially true when your expect to earn money blogging since trust needs to first be established and this will only occur after repeated visits to your site. The 5 things discussed above that you can add to or allow for on your blog are essential for creating an attractive and inviting environment for your loyal followers. Attention to these details will not only help generate traffic but also make your efforts more successful when you are blogging for money.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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