Some Typical Errors Of Affiliate Marketing And How To Stay Away From Waterloo

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  • Author Emma De Mul
  • Published November 14, 2010
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The majority of newbies embarking on their journey on the internet will begin with affiliate marketing. The thought of referring someone to somebody else's product and then get paid if that someone turns into a buyer makes it sound easy. You don't even have to have your own website or buyer list initially. With just a small effort anyone and their hairdresser can publish a website or blog, do some optimizing and start offering digital products. So then, how come that as much as 90 percent of these affiliate marketers do not succeed?

Clickbank is among the first stations people turn to looking for digital products. Usually the majority of affiliate marketers will search for products with high gravity numbers due to the fact that those seem to be the best sellers. To a certain degree, that is true, however it too implies a strong level of competition from marketers with heaps of visitors to their websites or huge lists of buyers. You may want to ask yourself if you can compete with those marketers with long time reputations. Can you?

Secondly, the quality of many products has gotten very poor due to of false claims and many refunds as a result. Even fake stats become a common nuisance. Who's reputation do you gather will be more harmed when your insatisfied client asks for a refund? Yours or the vendors? You were the one who referred the customer, weren't you?

Did you know that one of the leading marketplaces on the internet de-activates your cookie after only 24 hours? If your visitor fails to buy the item immediately but at some later time, you get paid absolutely nothing for your referral. Does that show you how affiliate marketing can be a pitfall?

The previous is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous ways sellers can lure you into giving away referrals without paying you or not paying you a fair amount. An affiliate marketer will want to avoid these. Make identifying high-quality products that add value to your customer's life your main focus and only associate yourself with those suppliers who will assure your payout. That way you create a win-win situation for yourself. Your buyers will trust you and once you have built that trust they probably will be more open to purchase from you in the future

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