3 Advantages of Building a List With Your Blog

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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published November 16, 2010
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Building a list when working online is one of the most efficient ways to develop your business and this is commonly achieved through the use of a squeeze page. With the growing popularity and acceptance of business blogs however let's explore the possibility and advantages of using your blog as your squeeze page as well.

Second Chances

Let's face it second chances in life are tough enough to come by, but on a squeeze page, that is unheard of! Typically visitors either opt-in or they leave your page, for good! On a blogging platform however the site is structured to attract visitors back time and again. By placing an opt-in form on your blog you are giving people the 'option' to join your list, but they can still view your content without doing so. The more they return the more chances you have of acquiring their contact information and in fact the more likely you will since their return indicates their satisfaction with what you offer.

Relationship Building

It is important to remember that business blogs serve the same primary function as that of other blogs in that their intent is to 'serve' up good quality content. The posts also strive to encourage visitors to leave comments which leads to interaction and relationship building, all on the visitors terms.

Names captured on most squeeze pages usually leads to a series of auto responder messages which are actually one-way conversation that also attempt to build relationships. The difference here is that there is little or no interaction involve making it more difficult to forge the bond with people that you are looking for.

Product Presentation

When working online product presentation is crucial in getting people to make a purchase with you and the more comfortable they are with you the better. Product presentations sent through email, which is typically the way it is done with names captured on a squeeze page, tend to be less impersonal. Presenting the same product on business blogs once again allows for comments and interaction by not only the visitors, but the site administrator as well. This leads to a more comfortable, give and take exchange between seller and buyer allowing for questions to be answered. Also comments left by others serve as great additional input, and in some cases product endorsements, if these people are satisfied customers.

Building a list is important for anybody who is working online from the standpoint that it helps make your future marketing efforts more efficient and effective. The most common and effective approach used for collecting the contact information of prospective customers has been the squeeze page. With an eye on efficiency, the discussion above has explored the advantages of having business blogs also fill the role of a squeeze page as well. The 3 advantages discussed are compelling enough for those who do operate business blogs to give more or serious consideration to this proposal. After all, when working online, any means with which you can streamline your efforts should be welcomed and if these means are also more effective, than all the better!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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