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  • Author James Galloway
  • Published November 26, 2010
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ACME Phone Leads is a new piece of software designed and created by Tissa Godavitarne. Tissa is well known online throughout the affiliate world for knowing how to make really good money using the Internet, better still he helps others to do exactly what he does to make millions of dollars online.

Besides ACME Phone Leads Tissa is also the creator of ACME People Search which has helped over 400,000 affiliates with an opportunity online to make an extra income, in some cases, this has been many thousands a month.

Tissa has also dominated the leader boards of two online income generating giants. GDI and GVO both pay Tissa many thousands of dollars a month, and once again, Tissa is helping others to do exactly the same.

So what is ACME Phone Leads. Well, because Tissa is renowned for helping others and keeping ahead of the game, he has stepped forwards into new territory where the money is to be made. He has designed and built software to promote smaller offline local business in the US. You don’t have to be in the US to use this, you can promote from anywhere in the world. Its called the Pay Per Call platform.

The idea behind this is. For example, if you were a dentist in Kissimmee, Florida and you had a website on page 6 of that keyword search, then you would not be getting any of that search volume, in fact only pages one and two normally benefit from this so you would be losing lots of potential customers to your competitors who are currently found in the organic search results.

How this would work is. I would advertise a duplicate copy of your dentist website with my own unique phone number inserted. The ACME Phone Leads software can duplicate a website at the click of a button, so I dont need to be a website designer. What I would then do is advertise my duplicate website with my own unique phone number and basically I would make your phone ring. The ACME Phone Leads software traces and records statistics on this activity so both myself and you can see the quality of the calls.

This is a Pay Per Call platform. You would pay me a small commission each time I make your phone ring. The quality of a lead who actually calls a phone is so much greater than that simply clicking through a website.

This kind of business is now where the money is with online marketing. Making money online has become so competitive and changed dramatically. Advertising smaller offline business is the new money earner and the competition does not exist. You would strike a deal with a small local US company to make their phone ring for a small commission and thats your deal done. Once you have one running what is to stop you making multiple deals with lots of different little companies making many thousands of dollars a month. If you can do one deal, you can do 100, 200. You get the idea.

This is the basic idea behind ACME Phone Leads. But it does not stop there. Because Tissa has built this product around a network marketing payment plan, so not only can you use the software to duplicate a web page and advertise a phone number for a commission exchange, but you can also share the software and gain commissions this way. It truly is fantastic and thanks to ACME Phone Leads and Tissa Godavitarne, Making Money online has taken a new direction and become whole lot more profitable, not to mention easier.

I use to promote offline US Business and can help you to do the same. Making money online has changed for good and your fortunate enough to have found this article now. Have a look at further details here

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