How to Increase Left and Right Brain Interaction and Solve Problems More Easily


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  • Published November 20, 2010
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Music has a massive effect on our emotions, but not all music creates the same effect. Humans are not the only living beings to respond to music. Plants, animals and even water crystals can be seen to change depending upon what music is being played. Different types of music create different reactions.

Some types of music elicit such a strong response that plants have been seen to wither and die and water crystals to fracture. But other types of music will cause a plant to flourish and a water crystal to form a pattern of incredible beauty. You are no doubt aware of the Mozart effect on promoting health and well being; it would seem that listening to acid music (for example) does not have the same benefits.

But why are we so affected by music? It is thought that music creates a link between that in the Universe which is emotional, physical and spiritual. Certainly if you have read the book "The Orb Project" or watched the dvd, you will see that when one plays music you can attract, and photograph, many more orbs than you would normally see in a modern day photograph. Many people believe that these orbs are in fact Spirits who are attracted by the melodies being played.

Thomas Jefferson and Einstein are acknowledged as two of the cleverest men, and both were noted to play the violin as a way in which to find solutions to elusive problems. As they played, solutions would instinctively pop into their minds. Listening to certain types of music is known to increase left and right brain interaction, whilst actually playing music undoubtedly makes one use both left and right brains simultaneously as your right brain instructs your left hand and left brain instructs right hand actions.

The value of this simultaneous use of left and right brain is seen in increased ability to learn, recall and solve problems. If you do not play an instrument, you can also increase this left and right brain interaction with a little help from hypnosis. As you relax in hypnosis your right brain creativity is accessed more easily and so you can tap into the powers of a better imagination and a greater ability to visualize.

If you have a problem to solve, using hypnosis could just be the key which unlocks your creative mind and enables you to find the perfect answer.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3s for success and well-being.

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