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  • Published November 22, 2010
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Maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule is vital in order to not only generate traffic but to keep existing readers satisfied as well. Often times however time, a lack of writing ideas or simply life 'events' can make it difficult to compose blog entries your readers may find worth their while to view. When you get into a 'funk' like this, it can affect not only your creativity but your motivation as well. What do you to 'snap' out of it and get yourself back on track?

Here are 3 tips you can use to come up with new writing ideas or simply change your perspectives when these challenges make it difficult for you to compose any worthwhile blog entries.

Post More Infrequently

One of the first things to consider when you are stuck for writing ideas may be that you are getting burnt out? Now don't panic since a simple adjustment to your posting schedule can easily do the trick and put that pep back into your step! Try easing back on the frequencies of your blog entries and give yourself some breathing room. This will likely not only help to re-energize your approach but also give readers better quality content to view as a result!

Be Brief

Another area to look at is the length of your posts because composing longer blog entries takes more time and energy. Are you guilty in this area because if you are than try shortening your entries. By doing so you may very well find you have more energy which always helps to boost your creative abilities. Another benefit may be that your readers can now view just one of your posts in a single sitting, just kidding! But seriously, a longer post may be more difficult and less convenient for your visitors to view.

New Angle - Same Subject

When stumped for new writing ideas, go back and review old blog entries to see where you can pick up on an 'old' post and take it in a 'new' direction. In fact most of your postings can probably benefit from further explanation since much detail and depth is typically left out. How can you possibly cover a subject comprehensively with just one post?

A new angle on this same approach is to look at your most popular entries and work with them in this manner since you already know people liked them! Another quick note here is to NOT ignore comments left since they alone offer many ideas/suggestions upon which you can base your next post!

There is little doubt that blog posting is the most important and demanding aspect of any blogging platform. It is common for many bloggers however to occasionally lack the writing ideas or necessary inspiration to create worthwhile blog entries. The discussion above offers 3 suggestions that can help to give new life to your posting efforts. In doing so you can then continue to not only generate traffic but also meet the expectations of your current readers as well!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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