3 Advantages of Blogging to Build a List

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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published November 22, 2010
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Using a blog to build a list offers some intriguing advantages you would not find when using the more traditional squeeze page. With the growing popularity and increasing acceptance of business blogging there is now the opportunity to incorporate your list building efforts right onto your home business blog. In fact by doing so, some interesting benefits present themselves that may be hard to ignore.

Here are 3 advantages you can expect to experience using a home business blog for list building.

Multiple Chances of Capturing Name

On a squeeze page visitors are given only one option and that is to leave their contact information in order to go to the next page. If they do not they are gone, never to return! On a blog they are given the option of also leaving their contact information if they want additional content or tools. If visitors choose not to opt-in they are still given access to the site and have the ability to subscribe to your feed. Upon their return you now have another chance of offering them the opportunity to join your list.

Visitors Still See Sales Offers

When people land on your home business blog they are exposed to any useful content you have posted along with any sales offerings. This exposure occurs regardless as to whether they choose to opt-in to your list or not therefore you still maintain the chance to make a sale. This is not the case on a typical squeeze page since visitors normally see nothing other than instructions as to how they should opt-in. If they choose not to leave their contact information all sales opportunities are lost!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is in fact your bottom line; you are able to generate more sales and more opportunities to capture a persons contact information. In addition people will subscribe to your feed thereby allowing you to continue supplying them with useful information and product offerings and yet another chance for them to join your list. In the end you are selling more while also building a bigger list!

When working online it is important to build a list allowing you to make repeated contact with people who have already shown an interest in what you promote. Although a squeeze page is generally the accepted 'norm' for collecting names, a business blogging platform presents some interesting options. A closer look at 3 of the advantages you can experience when using a blog to capture contact information are presented above. Considering these benefits can not be found by using the more traditional squeeze page serves to further demonstrate the flexibility of a business blogging platform.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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