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  • Author James Galloway
  • Published December 5, 2010
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ACME Phone Leads is new to the industry and is set to lead the way to increase leads to your business. Better still this is not just any old lead or clicks to your business website. ACME Phone Leads generates good quality phone calls and you only pay when the phone rings. It’s called Pay Per Call.

ACME Phone Leads is using a Pay Per Call Platform to generate leads for local US based companies who could do with the extra leads to their business. In fact some companies will depend upon ACME to produce the bulk of their business leads.

So many companies have tried to promote themselves online. However this is proving to be very hard for so many and lets not forget, only ten web sites can show up on first page of Google search. This obviously gets the bulk of the traffic for that keyword search term with a small spill over onto pages 2 and maybe 3.

So many companies for the same keyword search term are sat on pages 4, 5, 6 and onwards, sometimes into double figures. So these guys are not getting any benefit from their web site and are losing out. There are literally millions of websites without any exposure at all.

ACME Phone Leads can help those companies on pages 3, 4, 5 and up. ACME Phone Leads is software powered by an affiliate marketer who uses ACME to duplicate your web site and then promotes that copy. An affiliate marketer knows how to generate traffic and leads. This is their job and thats what they do online.

In their copy of your web site they will have a unique phone number to replace yours which when used will redirect to you. This number is tracked and recorded. The data and information can be accessed by you and the affiliate to be monitored to ensure you are both happy. This gives you the security that you are receiving good quality phone leads.

ACME Phone Leads can track data such as who called, when, where, repeat calls and more.

To so many companies this is a life line. The affiliate can send them the all important quality leads they need to work their business. In fact this can actually save a company from going under because the Internet is so big now and companies on the front pages for your keyword search term are getting it all.

The reason ACME Phone Leads works is because. People are using the Internet now over white pages and paper back directories. However, people still like to call somebody. People would much rather discus something over the phone with a real person.

So you can see. Offline advertising is being left behind be the Internet and people are using the search engines to find information and services, but they prefer to speak with somebody.

You can now see how powerful this is. Your business is sent quality leads by an Internet expert giving you the all important custom your after, and you only pay the agreed amount, between you and the affiliate, every time the phone rings. This is a no brainer really and can give you the exposure of that of the competition currently getting all your business. Im talking about the other companies in your industry currently showing up on page one of Google search for your keywords.

To get a decent web site to show up on front pages can cost you into the thousands and there is no guarantee that the designer will do the correct procedure for this to work. A web site designer is different to an Internet Marketer. Internet Marketers move and manipulate traffic around the web. Web site designers give you a good looking, with lots of functions, web site.

Remember. Quality leads and traffic is what Internet Marketers do.

I am an Internet Marketer who uses ACME Phone Leads to promote US based companies. If you would like to try Pay Per Call with me using ACME you can contact me here

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