Ever Wondered If Counselling Was Meant Only For The Grief Stricken Individuals?


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  • Published December 2, 2010
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Ever Wondered If Counselling Was Meant Only For The Grief Stricken, Addiction Ridden or Phobia Haunted Individuals?

While Counselling can greatly benefit those who suffer from anxieties, depression, drug and alcohol related addictions, sexual or eating disorders, panic attacks, relational problems, work related stress any many other, talking with a professional counsellor who specialises in solution focused approach can offer an enormous support.

In fact, Solution Focused Counselling can assist anyone in the day to day challenges of an everyday living.

Let me explain.

Throughout our lives most of us will have encountered a scenario where we feel stuck and unable to find a solution to a perceived problem. For example, a young person thinking of moving away from home and establishing a life for herself may feel an obligation to remain at home to assist with the upbringing of the younger siblings. This sense of learned obligation can be confusing for the young individual especially if such a topic may not be openly discussed on the family forum. However, speaking with a professional counsellor can enable this person to clarify her thinking and motives to overcome inhibitions associated with her decision making process.

The typical therapy at Solution Focused Counselling will involve the following;

  1. The promotion of the view that most people have the wisdom, strength and experience to affect the change in their lives

  2. While working with your therapist you will be collaborating to envisage your future without the current problems

  3. During the course of your therapy the therapist will assist you to discover or rediscover solutions

  4. You will be encouraged to identify and do more of what is already working

  5. The therapist's role is to help you identify solutions that will remove the barriers to having the happy life you want

Apart from the professional training your therapist has received, he or she will likely have a great deal of experience in assisting you to identify the best solution that suits your circumstances. Your therapist will offer objective options yet based on empathy and unconditional positive regard, at the same time.

So, as you can see solution focused counselling can assist many people finding solutions to their problems. We all know that the Problem shared is the problem halved and if you don’t ask you don’t get!. Mirek can be contacted at Solution Focused Counsellor on 61 8 6380 1177 or by visiting http://www.solutionfocusedcounselling.com.au where he offers online-skype video face to face counselling service.

http://www.solutionfocusedcounselling.com.au/ Mirek Kanik is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who graduated from the University of Notre Dame Australia with a Bachelor of Counselling followed by a Master's degree in Counselling. Mirek can be contacted on 61 8 6380 1177

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