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  • Published December 7, 2010
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Do leaving blog comments on the platforms of others help to generate traffic and increase subscribers to your own site? The answer is yes however what needs to be looked at here is whether this is an efficient use of your own time. When you look at the type of blog traffic you receive after you post comments on other sites you may be surprised at what you find. Remember, what you 'give' is what you 'get' in terms of traffic and comment quality are concerned. If quality blog traffic is what you seek, and it should be, than the remarks you leave need to be well thought out and strategically placed.

Here are 3 things to consider when you post comments on other blogs in an effort to create an interest in your own site.

Put Away the Shotgun

Haphazardly visiting other platforms just to post comments and then 'flutter' off into the night will not generate the type of visitors you want or need. In addition this 'shotgun-like' strategy can be time consuming as well leaving you little to show for your efforts. Peppering your niche or community with various, polite and complimentary type remarks will generally return you unfocused visitors much like you can expect to get at traffic exchanges.

Pull Out the Rifle

The best strategy is to draw aim on the more influential blogs in your niche and visit them regularly. Listen in on the discussions and participate in a meaningful way so that your remarks carry more weight and serve more of a use to others. Do not be afraid to share your insight or opinion when you post comments provided your views are credible or contain some legitimacy. By doing so in this way, your efforts will return you higher quality and more focused visitors when people do decide to check out your site.

Be Patient

Do not give up too soon on this strategy if you do not see results right away because it will take time. Trying to generate traffic at another blog by leaving a comment will require your sustained consistency before people become curious enough to visit your platform.

By peppering your community with blog comments you can in fact generate traffic back to your own site but it is not always an efficient use of your time. Not all blog traffic is 'created equal' in terms of the impact it can have on your site. The discussion above involves what to consider when you post comments on other blogs to to create an interest in your site and focuses more on working efficiently. Ultimately you want visitors who have a sincere interest in what your content is based upon. However you will not always find targeted visitors by simply sharing your remarks around the community since your efforts and comments must be targeted as well!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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