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  • Author Jack Sesslor
  • Published December 8, 2010
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There are thousands of products all over the internet just looking for someone to come by and find a hungry crowd. However, once you begin to research these online affiliate marketing programs you may lose sight of one thing that could drive your customers away from the very beginning. That one thing is your products sales page.

Just about any product that is sold on has a sales page that is SEO optimized to draw people in with the words on the page. However, the layout of the page and even the coloring of the theme or words could drive traffic away.

Sure, some people may make sales even with an awkward looking or cheap website, but they probably had to work a lot harder in their campaigns. A good sales page should be able to sell the product by itself. You should just need to warm people up for that page.

When you search for an online affiliate marketing program be sure to put the sales page through this little check list:

• Does the page have huge blocks of dull text?

• Does it appear to be awkward or unappealing?

• If it has videos or audio do they work?

• Does the page take a long time to load up?

These points are simply things to think about. I have seen excellent products that sold quite nicely and fit into all the above criteria, but as a rule of thumb I would take a closer look if they all apply. The smallest problems can cause people to quickly click away.

Go on your initial gut feeling at first. If you were not looking for a product to promote, but an answer to a problem what would your reaction be? If you do not like something at first sight there is a good chance others will not either.

With your average web surfer you only have about 3 seconds to catch their attention before they click away forever. Usually when people land on a page that is set up strange with boring blocks of text and a strange color scheme they will click away immediately, unless the content is strong enough to make up for it.

When choosing online affiliate marketing programs you should be a little picky. After all your audience will be. Make sure that the sales page can sell the product on its own so that you do not have to. This makes your job of warming up your audience a whole lot easier.

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