Why I Can’t be Hypnotized?


  • Author Ben Tien
  • Published December 13, 2010
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I ever read a very interesting question on Yahoo!Answer, the question is like this:

"Why Police didn’t use the hypnosis to rehabilitate the criminal, so the crime rate will be decrease. At least they can use the hypnosis for interogate the criminal"

Most of the answers said that the hypnosis is myth or something like that. Well, first you have to know that the one who determine that you can be put into a hypnotic trance state is yourself. You must be willing to be hypnotized for it. I can say the criminal don’t want to be hypnotized.

So, why don’t use the instant hypnosis? Use the hypnosis handshake?

This is also another good question. Ok, let’s put yourself in the criminal position (I don’t tell you that you must the criminal!). If someone come and ask you to relax, but you don’t know about him, what will you do? You will ask about "who is he/she"? Same like the criminal, if the hypnotherapist come and start doing his job, the criminal will asking many things, "who is he/she?", "what he/she want?", "is he/she my lawyer?", etc…

Now you can see that a question will lead to another question and the criminal won’t feel relax and the hypnotherapy can’t work. This is why many people said that hypnosis is just a myth.

Hypnosis is real! And hypnosis can give you many benefits. You can visit the nearly hypnotherapy in your town, or you can buy the hypnosis CDs or DVDs and practice the self hypnosis, make yourself relax and you will be able to enter the hypnotic trance state. Once you finish, you will feel great!

Nowadays, hypnosis is not only used for relaxation, there are many advantages of hypnosis, such as stop smoking, lose weight, etc.

Hypnosis is a healing process in all aspects of mental health care. Hypnosis focuses on finding the origin of a person's issues. Through the process of hypnosis the unconscious mind goes to the original cause, which in turn allows the person and practitioner to work through the original feelings surrounding the cause.

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