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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published December 8, 2010
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For any blogger the need for traffic is mandatory and only occurs as the online awareness of the site itself increases. As business blogging has grown however, so has the competition for readers leaving many site owners frustrated and leading others to simply quit. As many already know operating a business blog takes patience, effort, diligence and passion. Now none of these things are hard to do or apply unless of course you are by nature a very lazy and impatient person with a passion for absolutely nothing! On the other hand, if this does not describe you, business blogging may be right up your alley!

With that said you will still need traffic which is easier to come by as you increase your online presence and notoriety within your community.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can use to increase the online presence of your business blog leading to a growing stream of visitors, many of whom will likely become loyal readers!

Maintain Your Consistency

Whatever style, attitude, tone or stance you elect to take on your site stick with it because it will help you to build an identity with readers. This is especially true when it concerns the content of your business blog. If what you represent either in content or demeanor tends to change from time to time visitors will become confused and you will lose your identity.

In so many words it is always easier to be found if you are not constantly moving around. Therefore by maintaining consistency on your site it will better enable you to build a stronger online presence.

Take a Stand

Do not dance around issues that call for a stance to be taken. Displaying conviction in this way represents strength and indicates a certain passion for the subject matter. This also allows other to better identify you and what your site is all about. Even a business blog needs a 'face' because this is how you attract visitors both new and old and traffic is what you want and need. People like to know who and what they are dealing with!

Offer Help

Opinions are great but when everything is said and done, if what your business blog offers is of little use to people why would they return? What you need are loyal followers who will in turn talk about your platform elsewhere thereby expanding your online presence. Always aim to serve your readers in some way!

Know Your 'People'

Based upon comments left you begin to understand what is on the minds of readers and this is useful for making improvements. Remember the blog is for them and you are 'merely' the administrator since without loyal visitors your blogging platform has little purpose!

Stand Up

Do not be afraid to let people know where you stand and when you do maintain your position. Just because some may not agree is no reason for you to become a wilting flower. Remember everybody has got an opinion and a right to one and by sharing yours may lead to 'stirring up the pot' a little but this is good. Some may agree with you while others will not but at least you have got their attention and hopefully will stir a reaction among your readers. If the subject is popular enough it will also help to boost your online presence as people spread the buzz.

Always remember however, you are the host and your readers are the guest so act and react accordingly but maintain your course!

Creating a strong online awareness of your business blog will make it much easier to attract new visitors to your site. With all the competition within the field of business blogging however attracting new people to your site has become more difficult. It is therefore up to the individual blogger to 'stay the course' and focus on increasing their online presence if new visitors is what they want. The 5 simple strategies reviewed above all will take patience and resolve but then again this is what is required to be a successful blogger in the first place.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

To learn more about increasing the online awareness of your blog and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:

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