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  • Published December 18, 2010
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When creating a blog your first realization should be that blogging is a process that takes time before results materialize. Now if you are wanting to make money blogging as many do, this process will take even more time since you will first need to build trust with visitors. If you are asking people to spend money, they need to feel comfortable with you before they are willing to do so. But even before all this occurs you will need to establish an online presence which will help generate traffic for your site.

Your best strategy here is to select a topic upon which you can base your blog that you are passionate about since you will be doing a lot of writing. This strategy will be very advantageous to your efforts and will benefit you and your readers in the 3 following ways.

Makes Efforts Easier

Let's face it who wants to spend any time on something of little or no interest to them? On the other hand if you have a deep passion for something there probably is not enough time in the day as far as you are concerned to devote to it. When blogging you will need to be updating your site consistently to increase your online presence. The more you post the greater the market saturation with your content and therefore the greater the chances others will catch notice and come visit your site. This will take a sustained effort on your part which will be made easier by your passion which gives you the enthusiasm and motivation to maintain your efforts.

Makes Content Better

The enthusiasm you feel for your subject will compel you to learn more about it thereby increasing your knowledge. Now you have even better quality content that you can post on your site which will help build trust with visitors who can plainly see you know what you are writing about! As your credibility increases so will your ability to generate traffic within your niche as well!

Gives Site Endurance

As mentioned at the outset if you intend to make money blogging you can expect it will take time to develop a following who is willing to buy anything from you. During this process you will need to continuously do your research and posting to keep yourself visible. The longer you maintain a presence the more firmly entrenched you will become within the community! Here again your enthusiasm, fueled by passion, will help you to maintain these efforts almost effortlessly, if that makes sense, since you enjoy what you do! Remember, blogging is more a marathon than it is a sprint so you will need endurance to be successful!

When creating a blog you can be sure that the building process will take time and will involve first establishing an online presence which will help you to generate traffic. If you intend to make money blogging you will also need to build trust with your visitors if you expect them make any purchases with you. This will all require a lot of patience and yes effort on your part therefore it is encouraged to choose a topic for your blog with which you have a deep interest. As discussed above having passion for what you are blogging about will benefit you and your readers in 3 significant ways. It is important to remember if you want to make money blogging do not expect things to come together overnight! With that said it only makes sense to enjoy what you are doing because one thing is certain, you be investing plenty of time and effort.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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