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  • Published December 26, 2010
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Developing a popular blog takes time and patience no matter what theme you may select for your platform. There will generally be a considerable host of other blogging sites with which you are competing for traffic. It will therefore take a sustained consistency of your efforts to establish the online presence you will need to generate traffic.

In order to invest your time and efforts wisely when trying to develop the online presence of your blog here are 3 intangibles you will need to supply.

Your Interests

Having a natural interest in what you are blogging about will help keep you up to date on any new developments or changes. In this way your content will always reflect accurate information and as a result will become a reliable source for your readers. Gaining a reputation like this will only serve to help increase your online presence within the community thereby making it easier for you to generate traffic.

Your Convictions

One thing people put a priority on is the content consistency they see at any of the blogging sites they visit. Folks like to know what they can expect when they arrive at a blog in terms of the type of information they will be viewing. This is where loyalty begins because these people have taken a liking to what you write about. By changing the focus or direction of your theme you will confuse your readers since what you are presenting to them is not what they had expected nor is it what attracted them originally. It is up to you as the site administrator to maintain your convictions to your original theme and not waver from it except only to make a point!

Your Passion

The passion you feel for your subject matter will always play a significant role in the success of your site. This will be where you find your motivation and energy to maintain the diligence and effort needed to keep yourself up to date on what it is you are blogging about. In turn this will be reflected in the quality of your content keeping readers satisfied and further expanding your online presence within the community.

Developing a popular blog is not something you can expect to do overnight since you will be competing with countless other blogging sites for visitors. The 'process' will take time and require plenty of patience before you can expect to be able to generate traffic of any significance. The greater your online presence however the more traffic you will attract and this will only occur with a consistent effort on your part. In order to invest your time and efforts wisely and get the best results, you will want to possess the 3 intangibles reviewed above. In doing so not only will it make your efforts easier to invest but will also have a greater positive impact on readers as well. Your success starts with the online presence you establish therefore the sooner this can be done the faster you will experience success.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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