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  • Published December 20, 2010
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Terribly annoyed! One day, in sheer despair, I wrote to one of my affiliate programs and advised the market was now filled with their product - it was no longer feasible to sell it. The following day I received a really pleasant answer. "the Net is HUGE", they exclaimed. "We envision it'll be 5 years before the market is brimming with our product. And long before that, we're going to have introduced our next product." They were right, naturally.

The issue wasn't with the market ( the web is large ). Nor was the issue with their product. The problem was in the way I was presenting it. Since that time, my associate sales have increased. Why? Because I learned 1 or 2 secrets to winning the affiliate game.

Here they're : Choose affiliate marketing programs that relate very closely to the theme of your site. Let me give you an example. Of the 3 affiliate products I sell from my site, the one which does best by a great distance is an PDF that shows folk how to generate free Ezine advertising. Why does it do very good? Because my site is a list of ezines and almost all of my visitors are fascinated by Ezine Advertising before they even arrive at my internet site - I haven't got to encourage them a great deal.

Purchase the item yourself! Research across many affiliate marketing programs shows that at least seventy percent of sales in any affiliate marketing program are manufactured by the little proportion of affiliates who basically buy the product they are selling. It makes sense does it not ( how are you able to recommend something you have never used )?

Banners - they do not work any more, and some gurus believe banners will basically hurt your affiliate sales.

Personal recommendation. The human factor is exceedingly important online - folks wish to know that some other person has acquired the product and that it worked nicely for them. But to draft a convincing piece of personal advice, you'll need to buy, read and use the product you are selling.

'Over-selling ' - this is the most typical mistake of affiliates . Remember that all you have to do to succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to get your future customer to click thru to the associate website in an 'open-to-buy ' perspective. If the affiliate marketing programme is good, the affiliate internet site will make the sale. So don't try and sell the product from your site - just attempt to get a click on your affiliate link.

Standard advertisements. When you join an affiliate marketing program, you will possibly be given some standard adverts to use. Do not use them! Why? Because your future customer has possibly seen those precise same ads on many sites and in lots of Ezines. And if that standard ad has not led them to purchase the product so far, it potentially will not now. Something unique is needed.

Back-end sales. Once you are successful in one affiliate marketing programme, join another programme that offers a related product and use the method that promoters call 'back-end ' sales. It is a undeniable fact that folk are increasingly more sure to buy from somebody they have just acquired another item from. So when a person makes a purchase from your affiliate link, send them a pleasant follow-up letter. At the end of the letter, tell them about your other associate product and how it can often help them.

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