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  • Published January 4, 2011
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When creating a blog you want to build a site that has a 'stickiness' about it in terms of compelling visitors to hang around once they arrive. There are certain qualities you will find on the best blog sites that encourage people to 'get comfortable' and look around when they land on their platforms. These qualities are not necessarily difficult to duplicate but they should be something you are aware of when you start blogging in order to make your blog a popular 'stop' for visitors!

Here are 3 areas to concentrate on when you start blogging to help you build a loyal following in an effort to become one of the best blog sites in you chosen niche.


The best blog sites are the ones that allow for comments which leads to a greater feeling of community amongst the participants. This is important because blogging platforms are intended to be social sites with a focus on a particular subject matter. People like to congregate to learn more and exchange ideas therefore it is important to create an environment that will allow them to do so.


Absolutely everything starts with the quality of the content you post to your site. It is always best when you start blogging to be sure you have plenty of resources you can pull from to help you keep your platform updated. What you post should always be relevant to the theme! In addition your updates should provide intrigue, humor, insight, information or be otherwise thought provoking to serve and maintain reader interest.


The comfort being referred to here is the ease of navigating the site for additional content. Also you do not want to go overboard with too many graphics or ads which can be distracting to visitors. Make your blogging platform as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate so people feel more comfortable and not challenged when they land on your site. Allow for easy access to your archives and also categorize your posts. Remember even if you are creating great content, it is useless if people can not find it!

When creating a blog attention should be paid to certain areas of the sites development which will help to make it more attractive to visitors. There are certain qualities that are common to most of the best blog sites you will see that have contributed tremendously to their popularity. These qualities, as reviewed above, are for the most part simple to duplicate and are something to be mindful of when you start blogging. By focusing a little more attention on these areas and being patient with your efforts, there is little reason why you can not make your blog one of the more popular within your niche!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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