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  • Author Caelan Cheesman
  • Published January 1, 2011
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In this day and age you cannot possibly think of going about doing your business without being a part of an online social networking site. It helps you to stay in touch with your friends, make new friends and revive old friendships. On the professional front you meet prospects and people who can help you build your business or career. Everyone uses an internet and it is not possible that they are not a part of a social network; or have not been invited to join one like Hi5 or Facebook.

Online Social Network – The New Age Mantra For Business Men

Social Networking does much more than staying in touch with friends via chat, blog, photo swap etc. It can be an effective tool in building your career. You get to meet the right guy who knows another right guy and can be the link for you to meet him. If you use the right technique you can do wonders to your business. But if you think that by just being a part of the online social networking bandwagon will do wonders for you, then you are mistaken. It is basically a platform for you to showcase yourself in the right light to the right kind of audience and bring value to yourself and your business. The below points will help you add that value.

Be Active: Be free to voice your opinion on the online social networking sites. When you read a good blog or a video be prompt to praise it by blogging yourself or send an email to the author. This will start a good friendship and an interest in each other. Be genuinely interested in other people’s work and writings, only then will people be interested in you.

Don’t be a hardcore businessman: If you have a business, do not try to get deals or start to pitch from the word go. When blogging, talk meaningful stuff about the industry and then very subtly invite people to view your profile. You can have information regarding your business on your profile. Online social networking blacklist people who are aggressively trying to market their produce for business purpose.

Add Value To The Society: By praising others and putting up valuable information you can gain respect of others. Be a master in your field and give proper useful information time and again. This way people will start looking up to you for advice. This adds to your credibility in the online social networking market. People thrive on their credibility.

Online social networking is a skill which is mastered by practice. It cannot be gained overnight. Like in the real world social relations are built slowly and progressively, so are the case in online networking. By following the rules of the online community you can have thousands of friends all across the world now that is a dream we all would like to realize.

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