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  • Published January 16, 2011
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Discussions are ongoing concerning the pros and cons of frequent versus infrequent blog posting. Top bloggers do little to convincingly put this discussion to rest since it seems they have experienced success using both approaches. The reasoning behind publishing content frequently on your site is to give readers more to view and to also ping the search engines more often. There is little argument that this line of thinking is valid however building blog traffic and popularity with a less frequent posting has also been proven to be effective.

Let us examine 3 legitimate arguments against publishing content frequently on your site as it concerns not only the reader but the blogger as well!

You Can Overwhelm Readers

Since most people follow their favorite blogging sites with the use of rss feeds, by frequently publishing content you can 'overload' their feeds. Considering that many may not check their feed but perhaps weekly and that they have subscribed to other sites as well, you can easily present them with a formidable back log! Think what most people, yourself included, tend to do when they look at a full email in-box? That is right, they delete everything in sight and after a while they even unsubscribed when it is allowed.

You Can 'Wear Down' Your Quality

Many of the top bloggers only post when they have something worthwhile to post for their readers which is another way of saying creating great content frequently is difficult. A frequent posting schedule will tend to 'drain' you of ideas or motivation or both and this is only naturally. Now many will update their sites with information of little or no quality due to this 'posting fatigue' and after a while readers will decide to quit returning. On the other hand by updating less frequently with only quality content, you allow readers more 'breathing' space while also making their visits more worth their while as well. This does not seem like a bad way for building blog traffic and it is easier on both the blogger and subscriber!

You Can Set Up a Unrealistic Precedent

Everybody has heard the tale of the race between the tortoise and the rabbit! The rabbit starts out like a house on fire while the tortoise slowly makes his/her way to the finish line. Well as everybody is aware the rabbit ends up burning itself out and is overtaken by the tortoise at the finish line. Much can be said for trying to post like a 'maniac' on an ultra-frequent basis. This strategy is effective and somewhat necessary when you first launch your site for building blog traffic, but how long can you expect to maintain this pace?

There is little doubt that your blog posting is the most important component of the site being this is what visitors come to see. Debates continue as to whether publishing content frequently or infrequently is the best strategy for building blog traffic and loyalty. Looking to many of the top bloggers in their respective fields shows that many have experienced much success with an infrequent posting schedule. In fact the discussion above reviews 3 legitimate arguments that favor infrequent updates but it appears the choice will be up to the individual since both strategies tend to be effective.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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