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  • Published January 5, 2011
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Web promotion through social bookmarking sites is all about getting traffic moving towards your site. It is also imperative to rank high in the search engines, as, if the web users do not find you, how can they buy your products and services?

Till now web promotion tactics involved linking to directories and blogging, submitting articles and search engine optimization on-site and off-site. Today things have changed. With social bookmarking, you can get an unlimited supply of relevant traffic for your website. Social bookmarking sites are currently the most popular and widely used web promotion tactic.

What Are Social Bookmarking Sites And How To Use Them?

What are social bookmarking websites? Well, to answer that in a simple way, these are sites that categorize and store 'bookmark links'. Then, what are ‘bookmark links’? They are links which take one to a specific website. Do you know that thousands of web users visit social bookmarking sites to search for information, articles, data or news?

The concept of bookmarking involves posting links back to your web page from these bookmarking sites. You will need to zero in on some keywords that categorize your bookmark. Popularly these keywords are what are called as ‘tags’. Others who reach you with these tags can vote for your bookmark. Thus by sharing links on social bookmarking sites, you build a niche of potential customers for your business site.

Benefits Of Linking With Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites not only enable you to get more targeted traffic, but also achieve a faster search engine indexing. As most of these sites have a high PR that ranges from a page ranking of 5 to 8, you too become a favorite of search engine spiders as your links are crawled over repeatedly.

Another great thing is that social bookmarking sites provide you with one way links that get you a higher search engine ranking. Your keyword links that is your tag links from the bookmarking site to your business site are unlimited, so the profit and traffic that you get is also unlimited!

As you link with bookmarking sites with higher PR, your website’s page rank also improves greatly. Once that is done, you can go a step ahead and link your other new sites or sites that are ‘not doing so well’ to your high PR website and improve their ranking as well.

The Downside

Well, if everything was so great about social bookmarking, we would have many millionaires and billionaires today. Yes, social bookmarking is time consuming if you do it manually. First- to bookmark your site, you need to create your account at the bookmarking sites. Although, it is not this procedure that takes most of your time. It is the bookmarking of your pages that is the really tedious work.

You have to manually login to your account at these social bookmarking sites every time and then you have to manually add your page's url, keywords and descriptions. Sure, I understand if this manual task gets overbearing. But today you can overcome this problem by using social bookmarking automation software!

Besides this another disadvantage, (if I may call it so) is the attempts of the social tagging sites to stop marketing and promotion. They have implemented tags that do not allow link popularity to be passed on from their sites. Yet, all in all, the benefits of social bookmarking sites far outweigh the downside.

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